Monday, January 04, 2016

Aesthetic Or Just Weird? New Building At 210 Pacific Street Reveals Custom Brass Tile Façade

"The future of the city of Brooklyn begins here," Nava, the developer of 210 Pacific Street, a 7-sory residential development currently under construction, states on the building's web page.

Located between Court Street and Boerum Place in Boerum Hill, the building does include some state-of-the-art environmental features that apparently will cut energy consumption by about 75%, but it is its unusual façade that makes it seem rather futuristic. If that is what the future of Brooklyn buildings looks like, it may be a far cry from the pleasing architecture of this borough's past.

Located in a historic (but not landmarked) neighborhood, the new building sure sticks out amidst some of its older neighbors, like the beautifully maintained brick firehouse right next to it.
Still surrounded by scaffolding, one can only glimpse portions of 210 Pacific Street's façade, but there is no doubt that the building will be shimmering from a distance.    The reason? The front and sides are clad with over 13,000 custom brass tiles handcrafted in the USA.
"This contemporary, yet conscientious aesthetic illustrates architectural sensibility that NAVA brings to all projects," the developer explains on the web site.

Not all in Brooklyn will agree that this is a poor example of "architectural sensibility." 
Do you?


Anonymous said...

I guess the answer is yes judging by the fact that everyone of these is already in contract and range from 2.5 -5.2 million dollars

Katia said...

Wow. Insane prices. One can buy an entire brownstone for what a three bedroom costs.

Anonymous said...

Not anymore...

BklynBorn&Bred said...

I've had a few people explain to me that it is either foreign investors that buy these apartments or it's people that don't want to live in their McMansions in the burbs and have to commute an hour and a half to two hours each way to get to work every day.

Anonymous said...

Considering that part of Pacific is not very appealing and the lower units will look out onto a few sad properties. I guess my only comment can be, "Location Location Location. ". Sorta a crap shoot around there anyway. LEED certified? Or not, this is a poor style for the area. Would have done better in, dare I say, Williamsburg.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon at 4:18 am, this is a poor stile for the area.
I wonder also about the gimmicks of the modern LEED construction materials and methods. Just how will this stuff wear over the next hundred years and survive renovations--as the original building stock in the area has? And if it can't last a hundred years is that really "green" of LEED acceptable given all the environmental impacts of each ned construction and tear-down.

Anonymous said...

Very cool looking building, I love it! At first I thought that the art wall paper business down the block was expanding. This sad block could use some style.

Anonymous said...

oof. that is just hideous.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching this building since it started and when i noticed the "GOLD" facade going up i was bewildered to why they would do something like this on the block let alone in this neighborhood?

When that scaffolding comes down get ready to put your sunglasses on!

Anonymous said...

So as a purchaser in this building i feel compelled to respond to many of these comments which to me only serve to bolster my extreme dislike of comment sections and people who sit on their high horse and judge because they can do so anonymously. I will hypocritically go anonymous since you already know where i live :)

A couple of facts:
1. Not that it matters Blogger BklynBorn&Bred but we a) don't own a mcmansion b) are not foreign or foreign investors and c) have lived in nyc for over 20 years
2. Blogger Katia..yes we could have bought a brownstone for around the cost but we DIDN't want one. We didn't want the vertical living with small floor plates nor the maintenance cap expenditures that come with it, and said brownstone would not have had much more space then we will have. Just because that is "traditional" doesn't mean everyone wants to live that way...why would you think everyone needs or wants to own a brownstone???...we also have multiple outdoor spaces and parking which will allow us to enjoy some of the positive features of brownstones while avoiding what we believe to be some of the negative ones.
3. Blogger Anonymous: We actually love this location, court street is rapidly changing and already has to the south, we are a short walk to smith street and to many of the other charming brooklyn neighborhoods while being close to all the subways and to Packer where our kids were already going to school. I am sure wherever you live must be the perfect Brooklyn location so we are all very happy for you.
4. As it relates to the facade...yes the initial look is a little shiny but a)it's not gold its bronze and b) when exposed to the elements it will change colors to look like the picture in the advertisement which is certainly more subtle.

So everyone who chooses to judge, just stop and be nice. We are excited to move to brooklyn and meet our neighbors (at least the one's who don't feel the necessity to judge people based on fact sets that they know nothing about!). The funny thing is i was at a birthday party on the night of the blizzard and a woman who lives in soho saw me in a winter cap that i had left on inside because i was cold and surmised that i was trying to be "brooklyn-douche". I am hoping she was just being "soho-douche" and that when we finally bed down at 210 all the people that we hang and meet with will just be nice folks not concerned about judging the rest of the world in their limited myopic lenses. Cheers...

Anonymous said...

Thanks 2:31, and welcome to the neighborhood. I guess we all come with some prejudices. Forgive us. We have been going through a lot of change, and have lost a lot, including sky and a feeling of neighborhood. Change is hard. But you do sound perfectly nice. Probably more heeled than some who have had to leave the nabe because of ever escalating rents. Cheers...

Anonymous said...

TO 2:31

you sound nice and cute. I like a guy who wears a cap and I definitely don't like douches. I'm hoping to see you around the neighborhood - are you straight and single??