Monday, January 04, 2016

Court Tree Pays Homage To Canadian Films As Part Of Its Final Cinema Séance


Court Tree Collective, the small gallery/event space at 371 Court Street between Carroll Street and First Place has been hosting a series of five cinema events recently. The fifth and final "Cinema Séance" will be held this Tuesday January 5th at 7pm. This is a free event, so come out and take advantage.

From Court Tree:This will be our last Cinema Séance curated by original Court Tree member Mark Street . So please don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. This time Mark pays homage to our brothers and sisters up NORTH, with members of the “Canadian Club.” We applaud their values: sensible health care, gun control laws AND sustained government support for EXPERIMENTAL FILM. Canada: a place where it’s safe to shoot (film). Works by Philip Hoffman, Amanda Christie and Ross McLaren. All on 16mm. 1 hour TRT. FREE.

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