Friday, March 11, 2016

BloomAgainBklyn: A Neighborhood Organization Expands The Lifespan Of Cut Flowers And Brings Joy To Local Seniors

 Caroline Gates Anderson of BloomAgainBklyn  'refurbishing' flowers for seniors
Caroline Gates Anderson delivering flowers to a neighborhood senior health center
(photos above courtesy of BloomAgainBklyn)
Just yesterday, I learned about BloomAgainBklyn, a wonderful community-based, non-for-profit organization that was started by Carroll Gardens resident Caroline Gates Anderson in 2014.  I though you might want to know about them as well, so that we may support her efforts.
The mission of BloomAgainBklyn is based on a simple but beautiful idea, to bring "new life to flowers and joy to others." To do so, Caroline and her volunteers extend the lifespan of unsold cut flowers that would normally end up in the trash by rearranging  them into beautiful new bouquets and arrangements.
The flowers are then delivered to local senior health centers, homebound seniors and people in need.

The flowers are donated to BloomAgainBklyn by Opalia Flowers on Atlantic Avenue and by Trader Joe's on Court Street.
The organization’s goal "is to create an uplifting experience for those who may not regularly have visitors or receive flowers, and also facilitate positive interactions between volunteers and recipients.
BloomAgainBklyn also fulfills an ecological purpose by extending the lifespan of flowers by using them in a more environmentally productive way before the flowers are discarded and composted

This past Wednesday, March 9th, BloomAgainBklyn held a flower arranging workshop for the residents of Cobble Hill Healthcare Center in Cobble Hill. The smiles on the faces of the residents in the photos below speak for themselves, no?

(photos above courtesy of BloomAgainBklyn)

I am sure you will join me in thanking Caroline and her volunteers for all they do.
If you would like to donate or become a BloomAgainBklyn volunteer, please visit the organization's web site here.


Anonymous said...

My mom in law receives these beautiful flowers every week at nursing home. How wonderful! Had no idea
Where they were from!!! Thx for sharing

S*Kinna said...

OMG this is the most amazing thing ever!!! I love it.

P. Miller said...

WOW! Thank you to Caroline and volunteers.

Anonymous said...

Only two shops donate?! Union Market should also donate unbought flowers.

Anonymous said...

So lovely. What a wonderful community-building loving win-win.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Beautiful project & story!

Anonymous said...

I love this story. If I lived in the neighborhood, I would most certainly volunteer. What a wonderful way of giving to our seniors.