Friday, March 11, 2016

Salad Lovers, Rejoice! Arthur Street Kitchen Launches Salad Delivery Service To Parts Of Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill

photo credit: Xochitl Adriana

"Lunch time in the 'hood just got better!"

Back in 2011, Hetty McKinnon established Arthur Street Kitchen in her hometown of Sydney, Australia. Using locally-grown produce, she created healthy, hearty, and visually appealing salads inspired by the seasons, which she delivered to local salad-lovers all around her Surry Hills neighborhood on a bicycle.

It was an immediate success and created such a sense of community that Hetty felt inspired to write the stunning Community, Salad Recipes from Arthur Street Kitchen cook book.

Now living in Carroll Gardens, Hetty has found new inspirations from the city's many food markets and is busy writing a second book, which will appear later this year.

Starting on March 15, 2016 , she is also launching a salad subscription service in Brooklyn very similar to the one she operated back in Sydney.

Subscribe and twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Hetty will deliver  full-flavored, hearty seasonal plant-based salad boxes directly to your door.
Each delivery day, there is just one salad on the menu, with variations available for vegan and gluten free diners. Menus for the week are emailed out on Monday morning (usually) so you know what to expect!
Salads are usually delivered for lunchtime, between 12.00pm - 2.00pm.

To start, Hetty will be offering the service in parts of Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill.
For further information and to  sign up to become a member, click here.


Anonymous said...

Sidney or Sydney?

Katia said...

Oooops. Thanks for the edit. Just changed it.

Unknown said...

Thrilled to be serving the people of Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill Katia!

Anonymous said...

This is what this neighborhood has become? Salad delivery?

Agnes said...

Jeez anon 12:06, give it a break. Pizza delivery is ok, salad delivery brings objection? I'd rather have a fantastic salad than Domino's any day!

Katia said...

Couldn't have made a better argument, Agnes. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

So you have to be home for delivery from noon to 2 every day. If the salad is cold, you're supposed to let it sit at room temperature from 30 to 60 minutes. So I'm eating my lunch at 3 PM at this point (I was hungry at 11:30 AM - my bagel subscription lapsed). Then, when summer and winter roll around, the service is suspended, not to mention "There may be also be some odd days here and there when the subscription will not operate." This information is directly from the FAQ.

This service is absolutely laughable. Honestly, Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill has become a joke. You really cannot make this stuff up. We need a Portlandia-style mockumentary show about this neighborhood.

Katia said...

Hetty delivered my salad directly to my door and it was absolutely delicious, super fresh and a real treat. Of course, this is not like ordering from a restaurant. This is a much more one -on-one experience. For those who work from home, it offers a unique option that has not been available in the neighborhood before.
We keep on complaining that this neighborhood is being taken over by chain stores and restaurants. Why would we not support a neighborhood start-up like Arthur's Kitchen? What could be lovelier than Hetty bringing you her freshly-made unique salad creations with a big smile twice a week?