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At This Saturday's Carroll Park Fair: 'Catrinka', Ethical Fashion Accessories Label That Invests In Women And Girls

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As you all know by now, the yearly Carroll Park Fair will be held this Saturday, May 21st right here in Carroll Park. One of the vendors who will be selling her goods at the fair is local resident Megan Reilly Cayten, the creator of Catrinka, an ethical fashion accessories label that invests in women and girls, while creating stylish bags and accessories.

Make sure to stop by Megan's booth and remember to support our local businesses.

About Catrinka:
"Megan's daughter, nicknamed Catrinka, was the inspiration for this line of artisanal luxury handbags that combines Megan's eye for colorful textiles with her dedication for social change: each product provides fair work to women - 4,725 days in 16 countries since its inception to date.

Catrinka invests in women to maximize its social impact, both in the present, as all bags are made exclusively by women, who invest twice as much of their income in their families as men, as well as in the future, allocating the profits of the bags sold to education and life skills mentoring for indigenous Mayan girls through the Catrinka Girls Project.

Catrinka's first initiative, The Girls Rising Collection, showcased bags from the countries featured in the 2013 documentary Girl Rising (Afghanistan, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Peru, Sierra Leone and Uganda). After this successful capsule collection, Catrinka has produced beautiful new pieces, designed in Brooklyn and made by women artisans from Mexico, El Salvador, Uzbekistan, India and Guatemala, among others.

Believing as much as she does in community, Catrinka couldn't miss the annual get together at Carroll Park Fair this coming Saturday, to meet with other locals, showcase lovely bags and accessories and tell us a bit more about this beautiful project."

To read more about the Catrinka Girls Project, click here.

Find Catrinka on:
Twitter: @CatrinkaProject
Instagram: thecatrinkaproject

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What a strikingly beautiful dress! And the handbags are knockouts, too!