Thursday, May 19, 2016

Local School Kids Unveil Their Contribution To Carroll Park's "Trash Can Art" Project

Students of PS 58 veiling for their trash cans to be unveiled to the public in Carroll Park
A student of Brooklyn School For Collaborative Studies
ready to unveil one of two cans painted by students at the school.
Thanks to some amazingly talented local artists, Carroll Park now has the most beautiful trash cans of any park in Brooklyn, if not the entire city.

A few weeks ago, Friends of Carroll Park, the volunteer group that keeps our neighborhood oasis looking its best, organized a "trash can' artist project. The idea behind the project was to make the drab Parks Department metal trash cans just a bit more pleasant to look at. Many talented people stepped forward to adopt a can and to turn it into a piece of art.

The result is impressive. Each can is a unique masterpiece. They were unveiled at a reception for the artists this past Saturday. For photos of all the cans, click here.

Students from two local schools, Public School 58 on Carroll Street and the Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies on Henry Street also participated in the Trash Can Art project. The schools decorated two cans each. They were unveiled at a separate reception for these younger artists on Monday.

I am sure you will join PMFA in thanking the students and their teachers for making Carroll Park even more beautiful.

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