Saturday, May 14, 2016

Carroll Park "Trashed" By Local Artists: The Big Trash Can Unveil

Today was a very special day in Carroll Park.
This afternoon, Friends of Carroll Park hosted a reception for local artists who participated in a wonderful 'trash can project. Each artist adopted a metal garbage can and turned it into unique masterpiece.
The reception was a thank-you to the artists and at the same time, an 'unveiling' of the painted cans.

The project sprung from an idea to make the drab Parks Department metal trash cans just a bit more pleasant to look at.  The result, however, is ever so much more impressive and is a reflection of how many talented people live in the area.
Once before, in 2006, Friends of Carroll Park organized a 'trash can' artist project.  However, after ten years, those original cans have rusted through and need to be replaced.

The new art cans that were unveiled at the reception today will be spread around all areas of the park in the next few days.  So make sure to check them out.

And please join me in thanking all of the artists who gave of their time and talent to beautify our local park.

Gary Dolan, President of Friends of Carroll Park
Local artists ready to unveil their 'art can'
"Bright Skied and Fishy Tailed"
Emily Sauer and Evan Abel
Emily Sauer is a freelance commercial photography digital tech, an artist, and a creator with a focus on play. Evan Abel is her partner in crime, a mechanical engineer, product designer and entrepreneur. Together they are mighty.
"Friends Forever"
Nathan Caitlin
Nathan is an artist and printmaker living in Gowanus. He is a fan of public art and has also painted murals in different parts of the city.
"I Love Trash"
Lincoln and Antonio DePietro
Antonio DePietro is a talented, one-of-a-kind artist. A great entertainer. Antonio DePietro specializes in rap record design, slow jam mixtapes, portraits of important Americans and keeping the finger on the pulse. DePietro is also the co-creator of the weekly My Wingman comic strip
"Sunday in the Park"
Gary Dolan
Gary is the current president of Friends of Carroll Park and organized this trash can painting event.
Laura Eliason
Laura works fluidly in a number of media including watercolor, crochet, and dye. Although most of the things she does appear to be of the traditional sort of art and craft, her process is very much integrated with technology. She learns techniques from youtube, finds color inspiration on pinterest, manipulates photos in photoshop, and use other tools of technology before moving into the painting process.
She is also available to teach watercolor portraiture and other creative workshops.
"Forest in the Park"
Blake Ferm
A mixed palette helps him tell a story. Inspiration can be found in nature and music. He processes the environment, then turns the vision outward.
Ellis Gallagher
Known primarily for his street art and graffiti
"Hats Off to Carroll Park"
Meredith Hamilton
Meredith Hamilton is an illustrator and preservationist who has lived in Brooklyn since 1991. The ghosts in her work remind us of our temporary presence in this Borough, which has a 200+ year history.
"Imagination City"
Michelle Krochmal
Michelle is an architect and artist who imagines how we will live in the future, providing bespoke solutions for buildings and homes.
"Nature Matters"
Olivia Larkin ( 9 years old)
Animals and Plants need our help and every little bit matters. Whether you are 11 or 100 let’s all pitch in & keep the Earth Beautiful for everyone.
"Possessed Palay"
Jaq Lopez
Jaq Lopez, also known as K'ved, is a Brooklyn based visual artist and street fashion designer originally from the Philippines. His work aims to globalize the traditional culture of the Philippines by respectfully modernizing it in the form of sustainable fashion and public art
Kasey Noziska
Kasey Noziska is a creative that lives in Carroll Gardens with her husband and baby girl. She is a wallpaper designer for her own label Ziskova.
"Feed Me!"
Lily Pisano
Lily Pisano, 17, is a senior art major at LaGuardia High School. She will be attending a 5 year program starting next fall with Tufts University and School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in which she will pursue two of her many passions--international relations and visual art.
"Frogs in the Park"
Debra Robbins
Debra is a former textile designer, teacher, and a retired NYC Middle School Administrator, a strong advocate for Arts in the schools and in public spaces.
"Brooklyn Love"
Adam Suerte
Adam Suerte has lived in the neighborhood his whole life. He co owns Brooklyn Tattoo, and owns and curates the Urban Folk Art Gallery, both on Smith Street.
"Carroll Park"
Randi Teitel
Randi is a professional graphic designer who is always on the hunt for a unique design challenge. It took a total of 40 hours to accomplish the mosaic subway tile trompe l'oeil on her custom bin for Carroll Park!
"Untitled I and II"
Miles Wickham
Miles is a local graffiti and abstract artist. He has been a resident artist and teaching artist at Brooklyn Workshop Gallery at 393 Hoyt street, near the park, since 2012. He has been practicing graffiti art for 16 years and abstract for half that time.
"Teddy Bear Picnic"
Sara Zielinski
Sara Zielinski is an artist who uses a variety of media to explore human experiences, connections, and relationships.


Anonymous said...

These are all super cool. But what about recycling bins?

kathleen said...

Another great trash can painting project! It is difficult to choose a favorite! Wonderful job! Kathleen

MrsSam said...

Greetings Katia,

All great works of art! Thanks to the artists and Friends of Carroll Park!