Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ronny, The Seltzer Man, Still Delivering In the Neighborhood

Ronny Beberman's seltzer delivery truck

As our  Brooklyn neighborhood changes almost daily with the closing of mom-and-pop shops like Marietta's that have thrived here for decades, the reminders that some things are still the same become that much sweeter.
That is why, when my friends and local residents Eunice and Joe sent me the photos above of Ronny's Seltzer truck, it made me smile.  It was parked on Clinton Street at the corner of Union Street.

The last time I encountered Ronny was in Cobble Hill in 2014, so it was great to see that Ronny is still around, still delivering seltzer in old-fashioned glass bottles.

Ronny Beberman, a.k.a. the Seltzer Man, has been bringing the bubbly stuff to neighborhood stoops for four decades and, in the process, has become quite an iconic figure. In 2009, Ronny's customers had to do without his service, while he recuperated from an 8 foot tumble off his truck.
Proving that you can't keep a great Brooklyn seltzer man down, Ronny resumed his deliveries just a few weeks later, though he had hired a driver to help make the rounds to his loyal customers. He vowed to resume his route as soon as he was better. He obviously meant it.

I am happy to know that he (and his truck) are still going strong. Wouldn't be Brooklyn without him.
If you wish to contact Ronny to get home delivery, the number on his truck is 718 464-6408.

Ronny, the seltzer man, in 2014, when I came across him in Cobble Hill in 2014


Rick Anderson said...


There is a wonderful book that was written and illustrated by Ken Rush, a long-time Carroll Gardens resident and just retired art teacher at Packer called "The Seltzer Man." This book is all about Eli, who delivered seltzer in the neighborhood for forty years, ans I think that Ronny too over his business.

Katia said...

Oh, how cool. Thanks for letting us know.