Monday, October 24, 2016

A Moment In Time: A Walk In The Park

Carroll Park on a sunny fall day.
Is there any nicer place in the neighborhood?


Anonymous said...

Well that one corner where the bums are isn't. I gagged from the bad odor when I walked by there this past Friday.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is unfortunate that not all are as priveledged as "we" are and have access to showers and all. How dare "they" spreading their foul odour... it ruins our joy of the fall colours..

Margaret said...

To the first commenter - The term"bums" is so dated and grossly insensitive. I can't even begin to address this. Maybe the karmic wheel will take care of this so that you may feel and empathize.

Anonymous said...

"karmic wheel"? that means it will come upon you to for hoping it upon the previous commentator.

Anonymous said...

Wait....Margaret....Bums is insensitive? Oh geez...what world do we live in now?

Margaret said...

Nowhere in my comment was there hope or ill will expressed. I am always astounded by insensitivity and smugness towards people living in and with hardships. If anythng, it's humbling. Don't you think that a human being who is living with her or his own smells would not appreciate a bath, clean clothes? I once had a long conversation with a homeless woman. Her vocabulary revealed how educated she was. She made a reference to her " olfactory senses." Another homeless man I spoke with used the word "beatific." Better command of language than "bum." Instead of smugly judging people as "bums" why not keep your eyes and your heart a little open for something you might you. However small the gesture. If we all made kind gestures, not only does it make the other person feel better. You will feel better, also, I think.

Anonymous said...

To those who have issue with "insensitive" comments about homeless living in the park: Please walk the walk and feed these unfortunate souls, invite them into your beautiful homes, offer a hot shower, a change of clothes. Offer emotional support, show them the local places of worship, soup kitchens.

Much more productive than berating your fellow neighbors.


Margaret said...

If you don't know that calling homeless people bums is insensitively stigmatizing and berating them, then there is nothing I can say. As far as "walking the walk." Start in your heart and the rest will follow as you are able, willing, comfortable. At the very least you can recognize homeless people as human beings. I was so happy to read about the two friends in Australia who started a mobile laundry to wash the clothes of the homeless to help "restore respect." They offer clean clothes and conversation.
Maybe you can offer eye contact and a smile?
Peace, over and out.

Margaret said...

As I have said before and before: I will do nothing but post, but you should do something. Thank you all, I will get off my High Horse now. Margaret

C.G. Family since before ST. Agnes said...

Yes - BUMS is a very dated term. And the term Homeless replaced bum a long time ago.
However, many homeless people do NOT Smell, do NOT Pee in Public, and are not offensive (to neither the nose or to potential Do-Good-ers.)

While I hesitate calling these "Recovering Economically Challenged Kindred-Spirits" bums, they are more than just homeless people.

Please keep in mind, however, BUMS is a very old & ingrained Brooklyn Term. It's used by a true Brooklynitte as in "You're A Bum" instead of a non-Brooklyn Hispter calling everyone A**Holes while they pass judgment from their $3,500 p/month Ivory Tower. Folk from Brooklyn have used the word bum even as an endearing term: Remember 'Dem Bums for Ebbetts Field?

So while you (Maggie) type from upon your "High Horse" be careful of what (and how) you type as to not be confused with the wrong end of that horse.

To ANON who gagged - Call 311, call a local church, contact a center of some sort.
Don't go too near them yourselves, as you might actually see their humanity.

I have an idea - How about all those people (who allow their dogs to frolic Off Leash all over Carroll Park every morning) take-up a collection for these unfortunate people? It's the least they can do since OFTEN the smells are being blamed on these "Recovering Economically Challenged Kindred-Spirits" instead of the dog poop they refuse to pick-up.