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Monday, October 24, 2016

Exciting Day For Gowanus: EPA Starts Debris Removal Pilot Project At 4th Street Basin

Natalie Loney of EPA Region 2 at an press conference earlier today
"It's an exciting day"
Marlene Donnelly of Friends and Residents of Greater Gowanus and member of the EPA Gowanus Canal CAG  talking to the press
Today marks an important moment and a giant step forward in the clean-up of the Gowanus Canal. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency just starting the debris removal Pilot Project at the 4th Street Turning Basin located at the intersection of 4th Street and 3rd Avenue next to the Gowanus Whole Foods.

Over the next several weeks, environmental remediation and dredging contractor Sevenson will be clearing obstructions from the basin that prevent navigational access, Two huge barges and a giant crane have already been moved into position for that purpose. Prior to removal, a map of underwater debris was created using sonar technology. By far the largest piece of debris is a sunken boat hull, a smaller metal boat, and a yet unidentified rectangular feature that may be related to a collapsed bulkhead.
The EPA also expects to find lots of urban debris like old tires.

All will be removed and assessed at a staging area near the 7th Street Basin close to Huntington Street. It will then be transported out of the area via barge to appropriate recycling or waste facilities.

To make sure that the workers and the community stay safe during the debris removal, water monitoring as well as odor control will be put in place. Air monitors have been installed a few days ago, according to the EPA, to establish a baseline.

The EPA will use this pilot program to "evaluate different equipment types to efficiently remove debris and to evaluate processes for managing debris" and will help to "fine tune the different techniques that will eventually be applied to the entire canal."

The second phase of the 4th Street Basin Pilot will include dredging and capping which will take place in 2017. The results of that work will also inform the EPA on how best to dredge the entire length of the canal at a later time

The EPA will stay in close communication with the Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group and will report on the results once they have been assessed.
The Community Advisory Group's next meeting will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, October 24th at 6:30 pm at Mary Star of The Sea Senior Houses last 41 First Street.


Anonymous said...

You wrote Exiting Day not Exciting day. It the header.

Katia said...

Thanks for the edit, Anon. Just changed it.

Anonymous said...

Checked out the action today! Asked several of the workers if the had found any "cement shoes" and they all laughed and said 'not so far!