Thursday, October 13, 2016

From PMFA's Inbox: What Was That 2 AM Construction Noise On The BQE?

 BQE trench during construction 
photo courtesy: Bridges And Tunnels Special Archive

PMFA received an email from a Cobble Hill resident this morning about some unpleasant noise on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway in the middle of last night.

Reader Charles writes:
Hi Katia
At 2 in the morning we are woken up by the noise of trucks backing up and construction vehicles working in the bqe trench by kane street. We never saw community notices telling of the work. Do you know anything about it or have you been woken up by it yet?

How about it? Did anyone else hear the noise? Or does anyone know of any work currently being performed on the BQE in Cobble Hill?


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Night work on a highway needs community notice?

We're doomed as a society.

Anonymous said...

This has been going on for at least a week now, maybe even more. The construction is supposedly being done on the BQE from Hamilton Ave to Cadman Plaza.I think they're starting to move away from where I live as the noise is not as intense anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yes, at least three weeks or more on different parts of the BQE in BoCoCa. Sometimes it starts at midnight, other nights at 2am or 4 am. It can be very, very loud and I find it impossible to sleep through. I've been napping during the day to catch up which is difficult since I have a job and two kids. I'm trying to be community minded and understand that they're trying not to disrupt the huge number of drivers who use the BQE during the day as opposed to the smaller number at night, but it doesn't seem like there's any consideration for the surrounding neighbors who are dealing with this for weeks now.

Katie said...

Yes, we have also heard this from President street as we live right near Hicks St. We have been woken up by it around 3AM for the past week or so. It sounds like they are jack hammering the ground and there's also a loud beeping noise, I assume from a truck. We have also heard the construction workers yelling very loudly.

Oldtimer said...

BoCoCa.....still laugh when I see these silly acronyms

Anonymous said...

They're doing work, yet they aren't fixing anything! Trucks still bounce over huge bumps in the road especially by Hamilton Ave entrance. Why did they pave brooklyn heights and then just stop? Why not continue all the way through to Hamilton Ave? Because brooklyn heights has more pull and make a bigger stink? I just don't understand how the people in charge don't see how bad this roadway is between Hamilton and Cadman. Very frustrating!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when this area is referred to as BoCoCa. SoHo, TriBeCa and Dumbo work cause they make sense. BoCoCa combines three different neighborhoods when there was no need to.

Anonymous said...

On a typical day I drop my son at school in Carroll Gardens, then drop my daughter off a few blocks away in Boerum Hill then I walk to the subway in Cobble Hill. I disagree that these are truly three distinct neighborhoods. Typing BoCoCa as a shorthand makes total sense to me.

Anonymous said...

They are working on the walls of the trench. They are placing brick panels to cover to brick walls that have been worn down over time. The panels are about six feet tall. they are also doing some repairs to the roadway itself.

Anonymous said...

For those of you near the BQE near Hamilton Exit. Please spend a few minutes to send a request for road resurfacing.
The issue with the bumpy highway surface is called : hummocks. It causes large industrial trucks to bounce and shake; producing a violent crashing sound. On Woodhull our houses vibrate and windows shake.
Here is the link :
If a number of us submit a request we have a chance to calm this noise pollution.