Thursday, October 13, 2016

'White Maize' Will Soon Offer Authentic Venezuelan Arepas On Smith Street

"White Maize", a new Venezuelan eatery, will be opening at 277 Smith Street soon. According to its web site, it will be "the home of the best authentic Venezuelan arepas in New York City."
That sounds promising and may just succeed on Smith Street, which is in dire need of some simple,  inexpensive, tasty food options.

Arepa is a patty made of ground corn which is traditionally stuffed with meat, grilled cheese, beans avocado and other tasty fillings.
White Maize posted this 'teaser' photo of  some of their food trials on their Facebook page. Obviously, the menu will include more than arepa.
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Previously, 277 Smith Street was home to the much loved Savoia and, more recently, the short lived Ravioli Wine Bar.

Let's hope White Maize will stick around for a while.
Looking forward to the opening?


Anonymous said...

That block of Smith Street alone has 4 new businesses opening up of late, Sunken Hundreds makes 5. That makes up for almost half the reported 12 closings on all of Smith Street last year.

Anonymous said...

Arepas is street food . I am sure they will make it well but... I give it 6months before they close.They have to overprice it to make money