Thursday, March 16, 2017

Picture Of The Day: Downtown Brooklyn View

Snowy Downtown Brooklyn from 18 floors up. Love this view. #mybrooklynlife #brooklyn #cityscape
Snowy Downtown Brooklyn.
Taken yesterday from 18 floors up.


Andrew Porter said...

There are great views from the windows at 300 Cadman Plaza West, as this obviously is. If you go to the back of the building, overlooking Clinton Street, there are great views looking southwest, too.

Katia said...

Yup, that is where the photo was taken. One of the perks of going to the doctor in that building.

MrsSam said...

Greetings Katia,
Great shot! I can't help but wonder though how long will this view last, what with all the building going on in NY?

Anonymous said...

What is stunning, mind boggling, about this view is that at the Bridging Gowanus meetings the Prat team was suggesting 18 story building heights for the Gowanus Area!

While a building in the 18 stories range has now become the norm in the downtown district, this is just beyond understanding for an area like Gowanus where the new 12 stories sit as unacceptable monsters in the district.

Katia said...

I agree with you totally.