Thursday, March 16, 2017

New York K!ds Club On Court Street To Open In May

Construction has taken a while, but the new location of New York K!ds Club and NYPreschool at 299 Court Street in the former Winn Discount store appears to be mostly completed and will open
this May.
The Court Street location will feature two classrooms and a state-of-the-art gym space over 3,000-square-foot.

According to its web site, NY Kids Club is a children's enrichment center "renowned for creative and innovative kids classes, camps, birthday parties, and events." The offerings at this location include gymnastics, dance, art, Spanish, chess and music classes.

The location will also feature New York Preschool, a New York City Universal Pre-Kindergarden provider, will offer half day classes for 2 year-olds to 4 year-olds.

Certainly, there is a growing need for such enrichment centers, as more and more young families are moving into the neighborhood and our public schools are overcrowded. However, I still miss Winn Discount. Do you?

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of awful new signs in the neighborhood. This one is hideous... i miss Winn's at least once every week. Twice a week during the holidays.

RoRo said...

What anon 2:40 said

Anonymous said...

I miss the idea of Winn. I loved having a place for general household supplies in the neighborhood, but it was really expensive. And the people were rude.

Anonymous said...

That photo isnt Winn Discount but their terrible successor that resulted in the, going out of business. Thre store changed when the name and sign changed.

Anonymous said...

I miss Winn, I really do. It was a great convenience, a one-stop shop that combined Rite Aid and CVS with Mazzone and Staples and Clinton Apothecary (RIP) and even A Cook's Companion. It takes a half day now to shop for what used to take 20 minutes.

Iloverealfood said...

I thought the whole point of them pushing Winn out was to build up.

Anonymous said...

This is really a shame. Wynn was such a useful store to have in the neighborhood, only to be replaced by yet another kid-related resource. The neighborhood continues it slide into full-fledged suburbia for families and a playground for toddlers. I love this neighborhood and have been here for 10 years but I'm starting to wonder if they've actually started handing out flyers to young parent for moving to Carrol Gardens in the maternity ward.

bored at work said...

Please, lets not let false nostalgia get in the way of reality. I have lived down the street from that location for 25 years. I went to Winn when I had no choice and needed something for a quick repair on a Sunday or weeknight. They had 1000s and then 100s of items, most of low quality and none discounted. I don't miss it one bit. I am glad the storefront is now going to be reactivated again.

Families with newborns and toddlers and school-age children have been in the neighborhood forever. Carroll Park and the local schools have long been a draw. Now, there are more options for those who have moved in, many with lots of $. Its a great kid-friendly neighborhood and now the market is responding to the clear increased demand with kid-focused amenities.

Do we need a better mix of retail options? Of course. And the greedy landlords who bought too high and now think they can get rents that don't (if they ever) exist are going to have to adjust. But I can think of many more noxious uses than a kids play space and pre-school.