Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The Former "Me And My Egg Roll" Storefront On Court Street Getting A Lovely Make-Over

The former Me and My Egg Roll restaurant at 407 Court Street in 2015
and the storefront currently being renovated for a new business
A few days ago, PMFA wrote about the loss of the lovely vintage sign for Marietta's, the former women's and men's clothing store that had been run by one family for decades. Many in the neighborhood seemed genuinely sad, including me.
To make up for the depressing news, here is a neighborhood highlight to make us all feel better.

For 34 years, Me and My Egg Roll, a Chinese restaurant, had occupied the ground floor of a building at 407 Court Street at the corner of Second Place. Its exterior was not particularly appealing and the actual dining area always seemed desolate, as the place did most of its business via take-out orders.Since Me and My Egg Roll closed in January 2015, the storefront has been empty.

A few readers reached out over the past two weeks to say that the place was being worked on. They were also wondering what kind of business would be replacing the Chinese eatery.
I walked past 407 Court Street yesterday and was truly impressed by the transformation of the storefront.  The entrance to the store now has a beautiful cornice and some nice wood detail.

The very nice worker on the site proudly showed off his work outside and inside and allowed me to take a few photos. The interior space has been transformed very nicely as well. From the looks of it,
the new business will sell home decor items.

What do you think of the transformation?


Anonymous said...

Nice renovation. Sadly another useless store.

Anonymous said... many artifacts stores do we need? There is one a few doors away and a few up towards cobble hill one of which recently closed

Anonymous said...

I would rather have a two dollar egg roll than an 150.00 throw pillow.

Anonymous said...

Katia, Why don't you take a photo of this sit today. The owners of this property NEVER shovel The Court St side has an icy path wide enough for one foot. SHAME ON THEM for causing hardship on all who have to walk by. They need to live up to their responsibility as property owners. Some might say report them to 311 but dince they have connections to various NYC Officials, they would not be fined. DISGRACEFUL!

Katia said...

As I mentioned to another reader, TD Bank on Court at Union Street did not shovel either. at 1 pm yesterday, there was still one sheet of ice on the sidewalk in front of the bank.
It would appear as if plenty of businesses or owners forgot about their responsibility to shovel.