Thursday, May 04, 2017

$1 oysters and $6 beers At East One On Court Street? Yes, Please!

(photo credit: East One)

In the one once since its opening, East One Coffee Roasters has quickly become a favorite gathering spot for Carroll Gardeners.  The new eatery at 384 Court Street seems to be busy throughout the day and into the evening hours.  Starting tonight, things get even better with a happy hour offering $1 oysters and $6 beers.

Here is more information:
Thursday  May 4, East One Coffee Roasters in Carroll Gardens officially launches its new daily happy hour, Monday through Sunday, from 5pm - 8pm. Don't let the name fool you - East One has delicious coffee roasted onsite, yes, but it also serves full breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, and now offers happy hour.

With $1 oysters and $6 pints of draft beer for happy hour, this cozy eatery in Carroll Gardens welcomes its guests to unwind in an atmosphere that blends chic cafe with laid-back bar. Starting every day at 5pm, East One’s front room seamlessly transitions from an inviting, spacious local coffee shop to a charming neighborhood hangout.

Enjoy savory cheese plates ($16) and charcuterie plates ($18), while taking in the the warm spring evening air drifting through East One’s large open windows.

And there's no need to rush from the office - with happy hour lasting until 8pm, guests have time to unwind with more than one hurried drink before the happy hour clock strikes 8.

Stop on by tonight on your way home and enjoy the end of a beautiful spring day!


Jim said...

I love raw oysters and beers. I live in Carroll Gardens for over 5 years and after finally moving away this place opens up. Figures.

Katia said...

Come back!

Jim said...

It'll take more than a few oysters and beers to tear us away from the mountains, lakes, fishing, snow skiing, beaches, desert, great weather and food. I'll just visit Carroll Gardens via your site.

Katia said...

Fair enough, Jim. Your new place sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Jim: all the best. We look forward to settling down in Pa in a few years. We won't be able to afford C.G. when we retire - although our families have lived here since the late 1800's.
East One: This is a GREAT deal! When you're normally charging $13.00 for a grilled cheese sandwich, it's fantastic that I can get a beer and a cheese-plate for only $22.00. It's also good to know that you'll have food available for the after work crowd. I've stopped in several times on my way home from work (at around 5:45) and you were out of baked goods & snacks.