Wednesday, November 01, 2017

"It Came From The Gowanus Canal, Again": Comic Release Party At Gowanus Souvenir Shop


"It's not the water you should fear. It's him."
We know that there is plenty of coal tar at the bottom of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. We know that raw sewage flows into it during heavy downpours, compliment of the City of New York. Occasionally, a whale will lose its way and swim into the polluted waterway to die.

According to Tales of the Night Watchman, a comic book series published by So What? Press, there is something even more sinister lurking in the murky waters of everyone's favorite EPA Superfund: the Gowanus Golem, "Brooklyn’s most toxic monster."

Golem made his first appearance in the 2014 "It came from the Gowanus Canal" issue.  Now he is back in Issue 7, a follow-up of one of the series' most popular tales. In "It came from the Gowanus, Canal,  again", the monster is after a couple of thugs who are responsible for the death of a young boy.
Barista and blogger Nora and her roommate Charlie come to the rescue to put an end to the supernatural activity.

Writer Dave Kelly, artist Brett Hobson, colorist Clare DeZutti, and cover artist Tim Hamilton will be attending a "It Came From the Gowanus Canal, Again" comic release party on Friday, November 3 at 7pm at the Gowanus Souvenir Shop, 567 Union Street, between Nevins and Third Avenue.
So come, chat with the comic's creators and have your copy signed.