Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Look! Paul Manafort's Now Infamous Carroll Gardens Brownstone Has Been Designated A Landmark

 photo credit: Daniel L
  photo credit: Daniel L
photo credit: Daniel L
photo credit: Reader M.
Look! 377 Union Street, Paul Manafort's Carroll Gardens brownstone has just been designated a landmark... overnight.  A sign attached to the brownstone reads:

"The House That Brought Down A President"
377 Union Street will forever be known as the building that lead to the collapse of the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Originally acquired by Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort in January 2017, this building's finances would later become the foundation for initial charges of money laundering and conspiracy against the United States of America. Under the direction of special counsel Robert S. Mueller, III, these central criminal indictments were the "tip of the iceberg" in the federal investigation of collusion, conspiracy and other illegal activities by Donald J. Trump and his associates.
Thought to be originally but in 1899, 377 Union Street is constructed 22' x 45' on a 90' lot in the classic brownstone style of the Carroll Gardens area.
New York City Landmark Preservation Foundation, 2017."

Of course, this brownstone and its questionable financing is now part of an indictment against Manafort, which was handed down by Special Council Robert Mueller yesterday.
I don't know who is responsible for this sign, but it is brilliant. Respect! (If it's you, send me an email and I'll buy you a drink.)

Thanks to Reader M. and Daniel L for making me aware of this.


Unknown said...

The sign wasn't there last night when I passed by. I purposely went down Union St instead of my street on the way to Rite Aid yesterday evening, wondering if anything had changed, but there was nothing then. Must have happened today.

who me? said...

It is you, Ms Katia, who deserve a drink -- no, many drinks! -- and kudos and perhaps even a USA Presidential Medal of Honor for your sleuthing in service to our country. Of course, such an award would need to be bestowed by a USA president who had, at the least, heard mention of the word "honor" even if s/he had never lived it.

Anonymous said...

Tha sign is AWESOME!! It shows neighborhood (community)"art" activism is alive and well in Carroll Gardens, as it should be!
I am thrilled!

By the way who sold this house to Manafort anyhow? any guesses? who led him here I wonder?

Margaret said...

That house may soon be confiscated by the government. Yes, KUDOS to Katia for breaking the story! Brilliant sleuthing. And what an ingenious landmarking of the infamous bldg.

Mrs Sam said...

Greetings Katia,

Way to go Super Sleuth!
I must say, I’m surprised to see landmark status. Whataya know? I would also be surprised if Trump is even touched by this. He seems to be Teflon.

Katia said...

We shall see what the next weeks bring, Mrs. Sam. We live in interesting times and there is more turmoil ahead.

Sadhana said...

You will go down in history Ms K.for being the best gum shoe ever

sandiego said...

You're filling and inspiring an important community need: observe, question. Just get out and look around then tell others what you see. The pieces come together. The power returns to the people. Thank you!

Owlen said...

Im sure if it was obama you would be proud too wouldnt you??

michele said...

The sign and pumpkin were gone the very next day :(