Thursday, December 14, 2017

Gastropub 'Strong Place' Quietly Closes On Court Street

I am sure some of you already noticed that Strong Place, the pub and raw bar at 270 Court Street in Cobble Hill closed its doors recently.  I must admit that the closing escaped me, so that I was a bit taken aback when I walked by earlier this week to find the establishment totally cleared out.
Strong Place, which shared the space with juice bar Nectar,  opened at this location in 2009, so it did have a relatively long run. I am sure it will be missed by many in the neighborhood.
Strangely, neither Strong Place's web site nor its Facebook page mentions that the establishment is no longer in operation. Yelp, however, reports that it is now closed.

Who remembers Shakespeare's Sister, which occupied this storefront for almost 15 years prior to the pub? It was a café and gift store that sold lovely items like jewelry, paper goods and natural beauty products.

What kind of business would you like to see open in this space?


Anonymous said...

We need either a branch of a large bank or a real estate agent office there. Would also be nice to have more high end baby clothing stores in the neighborhood

Anonymous said...

looks like 9_D has closed too. I'm gutted, I'm going to miss it so much. I remember when it's was Josie's Java.

Jake Zien said...

I'd like to see a good Shanghainese restaurant. Our neighborhood desperately needs some good dumplings.

What I'd be disappointed to see is yet another "Good Old American" restaurant or Brooklyn trinket shop.

hieronymus bliss said...

wouldn't mind seeing another nail salon. we can't get enough of those!

Anonymous said...

Omg. 9-d closed?!? The best Thai in the hood!! So sad. Rents?
I also liked nectar. Too bad they can’t re open inside somewhere else.
Yes maybe a bank will come there but if it’s all set up with a kitchen we do need a real chinese sit down place. Run by actual Chinese people. No fusion. Perhaps Blue Ribbon Sushi will take it. It also has a great back yard.

Anonymous said...

I live close to Nine-D - originally they were closed down for health violations. Then it looked like they were closing for good, then renovating. Now there is a sign in the window saying it's re-opening as "Boran"(sp) - unsure if it's the same people. Stay tuned!

Katia said...

Thanks, Anon. I did see that another Thai restaurant is taking the place of 9D. It was probably an issue with the Health Department. Many of the eateries open and close with a new name after getting a low grade.

Cynthia225 said...

Loved the store Shakespeare's Sister. Frequently went in to look at all the great unique gifts.

alexa said...

i remember Shakespeare's Sister - they stiffed the real estate broker on the commission - real class

chance bliss said...

were it up to me, i'd prioritize the following (in this order):

• a proper shanghai soup dumpling dive where you can also get a singapore sling.

• a fondue spot that also serves raclette and switches over during the summer hours to cuisine from the southern half of france with a walk-up ice cream bar on the side.

• if not fondue, then how about hot pot?

• a bookstore + café + evening bistro and bar with a good playlist on the sound system, tuesday night tacos in collaboration with local mexican spots, and maybe even has a small room in the back to watch premier league football.

• a korean spa with fresh juice and bar service.

Unknown said...

They’re reopening it today as Boran Thai!