Wednesday, February 14, 2018

After Years Without One, The Carroll Gardens Library Gets A New Return Box

Who remembers the days when the Carroll Gardens branch of the Brooklyn Public Library at 396 Clinton Street had a book return slot  right in its old wooden front door?
The return slot was incredibly convenient, especially for those who worked, since the library's hours were rather limited back then.

Unfortunately,  about twenty years ago (if our memory serves us well), someone pushed a match through the slot, causing a fire inside the library's vestibule. The old wooden door, which had been damaged, was replaced by its current aluminum one and the slot was removed.

Well, just recently, a stand alone drop box was installed alongside the library on Union Street. This will make it so much easier to return material after-hours and is a nice convenience. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

No matter the size of the city it comes down the fact that the smallest things make a neighborhood and are important enough to put next to the announcement of a $200 million dollar project.

katlat said...

Very happy to have one! Makes life so much easier.