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Thursday, November 01, 2018

Eladia's Kids: Yet Another Day Care/Pre-School For Court Street

Once upon a time, Court Street from Atlantic Avenue to Hamilton Avenue used to be lined with specialty food stores, dry cleaners, cobblers, delis and hardware stores. As the area is changing and attracting more and more families, many of the storefronts have become home to pre-schools, tutoring centers, children's boutiques and places that offer after school activities.
The Court Street blocks from Butler Street to Sackett Street in particular seem to have a concentration of kid-related businesses, from New York City Club, to Le Port Montessori School, from Pizzazz Toys to Running Wild Kids Shoes, from Disco to Cobble Hill Think Tank.
Now, Eladia's Kids is joining them at 283 Court Street at the corner of Court Street and Douglass.

According to its web site, Eladia's Kids provides day care and early childhood education for  infants, toddlers, and preschoolers from 3 months – 5 years of age. Eladia's  has been in business for 35 years and already has several other locations around Brooklyn, where it has been offering "a safe, 
nurturing and well structured environment designed to develop a child’s social and academic skills with a strong emphasis on building lifelong learners."

No doubt, we need day care places and pre-schools to accommodate the demographic trend in the area and to provide pre-k  seats for those who cannot be accommodated in our local public schools.
It is just surprising to see all of them open to such close proximity to each other.

We would love to hear from young neighborhood parents.  Which of these centers can you recommend? What are the differences between these places? What would a new parent look for when taking a tour?  Thanks in advance for your comments.


alexa said...

agreed - way too many child-centric businesses - ENOUGH

Jack Ravio said...

"way too many child-centric businesses" have you opened you eyes and seen how many kids are in the area? there is more then enough demand for business like this. be happy that its not another nail salon or bank!

Anonymous said...

Theyre opening mainly because NYC now pays for pre-k placement. Previously, parents had to pay for prek on their own. Now, with NYC paying and making education madatory at age 3 (it had been age 5), there is lots of demand and lots of providers excitd about tax dollars providing for a guaranteed funding stream. This has nothing to do with a changing neighborhood and more kids and everything to do with the recent funding changes.