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Friday, November 09, 2018

Well Hello, little Owl! Welcome To Carroll Gardens

Though local residents have often reported sightings of hawks here in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, the appearance of an owl is a bit more unusual.  So imagine our surprise when reader Scott sent us the photo above of this cute little owl sitting on the fence of the former rectory house of the South Congregational Church on President Street.
Scott writes:
"I thought you or your readers might enjoy this picture my wife took last night of a tiny owl that was perched rather dramatically on the fence of the church-turned-apartment-building at the corner of Court and President. It sat there, very calmly, for quite a long time as various commuters walked past on their way home from the F train. Some stopped to admire it; most hurried on their way without noticing. My 11-year-old was convinced that someone at that address was about to receive a letter from Harry Potter."

What a magical moment! Thanks for sharing, Scott.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a Northern Saw-whet Owl... http://nyfalls.com/wildlife/birds/owls/

carmen said...

Just what we need to get The Rats! I hope there is more than One!

Daniel said...

My money is on the northern saw-whet owl!

Anonymous said...

That's badass. I will be on the lookout for the owl on the crucifix.

tugboat said...

northern saw-whet owl

Anonymous said...

There's a Twitter hashtag for bird sightings in Brooklyn. #birdbk -- I'd love to see this owl if anyone sees it again!