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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Coming To Smith Street Soon: Ichiba Kitchen

Ichiba Kitchen, a Japanese and Korean eatery, has been in the works for a while at 196 Smith Street in Boerum Hill.  Ichiba means 'market' in Japanese, so one can imagine fresh, tasty dishes. The storefront has been clad in wood recently and by the looks of things, a grand opening is not too far away.
Most recently, this location was home to Phil And Anne's Good Time Lounge, the short-lived collaboration between celebrity chef Anne Burrell and renowned bar owner Phil Casaceli, which closed in the spring of 2018.
Before that, the storefront was occupied for seven years by beloved barbecue restaurant/ whiskey bar Char No.5, which closed in 2015.

Do you think Ichiba Kitchen will be a nice addition to Smith Street?


Anonymous said...

It's so difficult to get truly excited about additions to Smith Street these days because of the pace of comings-and-goings. One can hope that Ichiba Kitchen's cuisine is good, the prices are right, and the atmosphere conducive. (And if so, may the lease be affordable and long term.) Of course, cuisine and prices and atmosphere are all subjective…

Of note: “Thai Festival” across the street (next to Mystery Pizza as we call it) appears to have called it quits in the past two weeks.

Jake Zien said...

They tore down all the wood siding. Must have something else planned?

And yes, what is the deal with the Mystery Pizza place across the street?

Katia said...

Yes, just saw that they removed the wood again. Strange

Anonymous said...

Thank god. I don’t get the jungle hut wood siding. It seems a tad cliche. And theme park. But I did spy a cute Indonesian home good store across the street. Wonderful shop. They have one on Myrtle. Opened dec 16.

Anonymous said...

Hoping for a comeback of the local hardware stores to Smith St. The paint store is my fav on the Street these days.

Anonymous said...

I went last night, it was actually really good. I hope it stays around longer than most on Smith these days.

Cynthia said...

It is delicious and the owners are incredibly nice. I never “got” the whole ramen thing. Now I do.