Thursday, January 23, 2020

Paté, Fromage And Saucisson: 'Le French Tart Deli' To Open On Court Street

Over the years, the small retail space at 306 Court Street hosted quite a few different businesses. Years back, it was the home of Casale Jewelry Store.  Then it became the Dandelion Clothing Boutique, before turning into a Glow accessories store. More recently, it was Mama Says Comics Rock. That in turn was taken over by Sweet Intentions, a coffee, ice cream and macaron shop in January 2019.

Exactly a year later, it now appears that Le French Tart Deli will open its doors at this location.  The deli will sell (or serve) french cheese, charcuterie and baked goods.
There is a 'Le French Tart' on 5th Avenue in Park Slope. Given the similarity in names, the Court Street business is probably related.

This is too small of a space for a sit down restaurant, but we could imagine this deli doing well if it serves great sandwiches and offers interesting cheeses like Stinky's on Smith Street.

We sure hope after all this turnover, a business finally sticks around a bit at this location.


Jackson Ravio said...

It was Philippe's Cafe for about two months (Nov/Dec) in 2019 before the DOH shut it down. Wonder if its just a name change?

Katia said...

I thought that might be the case

chance le bliss said...

this is a welcome addition to the neighborhood but let us remember that if we are to extend a friendly, hamburger-helping hand to this french tart, which seeks to grace our streets, then we'd best show the same generosity to the newly arrived proprietors pimping the spaghetti doughnut just a few blocks over. fair is fair.

and, in further interest of offering a fair and balanced report, one could make the argument that our little neighborhood already has a sufficient supply of french establishments. yes, we just lost "provence en boîte" but "the big tiny" arrived before PeB closed and certainly wins accolades for its warm hospitality - so the balance has been restored, non? do we really need more fromage and saucisson? how much is too much? how many macarons can we manage on a daily basis in this neighborhood?

i mean, were anyone on court street to stop me for my opinion, i'd let it be known that i wouldn't turn down any openings for a shop slinging shanghainese soup dumplings.

that's just like my opinion, man.

Katia said...

Haha, I agree. Fair is Fair

Anonymous said...

If you want to talk "sufficient supply", a deli serves a very different function than a sit-down restaurant and a wine bar. Of course we need more croissants and pate for takeaway: the only truly good croissants in the neighborhood are at Union Market, and those come in from Balthazar's kitchen.

chance von bliss said...

well, anonymous january 25, 2020 1:01 PM, if you are willing to venture down to the cobble hill / boerum hill DMZ, then i think the croissants at bien cuit on smith are quite decent and an improvement on the always a bit stale balthazar croissants at union market... and maison keyzer is not that much further away on court by borough hall.

Katia said...

May I also suggest Marquet on Court Street?

Anonymous said...

Traveling from Smith & 9th to any of the suggested locations is too far and time-consuming for a morning croissant. This new shop will be at a walkable distance, and has the added bonus of offering a selection of many other foods from the specialty grocer. Looking forward to sampling their wares.

Anonymous said...

I think the best croissants are at SOL on Court between 2nd and 3rd.

chance o'blissy said...

i do like SOL. i like their coffee game and their vibe.

i'm partial to nerd be cool, myself (on court down by buttermilk channel and next to travel bar). it's their coffee that brings me to the yard.

chance un certain bliss said...

i stopped by this morning for a pain aux raisins, pain chocolat, une baguette and a quiche avec champignons and can report back to your readers that in an informal survey, two out of two agree that the pain aux raisins and pain chocolat were excellent.

GroundedGirl said...

Got a baguette l'ancienne that was *still warm* today and the croissant scent wafting through the shop nearly carried me to Paris. They carry a variety of things I loved during my month dog sitting in Brittany that I haven't found anywhere else in NYC- Le Petite Marseillais soaps, rillettes, buckwheat flour from Brittany (actually, the number of Breton products was really impressive....). I am very happy to have them in the neighborhood, particularly since I find Bien Cuit both overrated and overpriced. Le French Tart Deli feels like I'm back in Guidel.