Monday, March 16, 2020

Empty Streets! Carroll Gardens In The Time Of Covid-19

Pretty well stocked: K&Y on Court Street this morrning
Smith and Vine offers free delivery.
Our world has changed overnight as the reality of the spread of Covid-19 started to hit us all.
Our little corner here in Carroll Gardens is no different.  Our schools have been closed. so have our restaurants and bars.  The shelves in our grocery stores are pretty empty. So are the streets. It was eerie to experience.
I took a brief walk this morning and dropped off a package at Brooklyn Postal on Smith Street.  The service was as friendly as ever and was glad they were open so that I did not have to walk all the way to Red Hook's post office.
I am happy to report that K&Y Fruit and Vegetable at 291 Smith Street is pretty well stocked with fresh produce as well as milk. Parks Organic on Court still had many staples, but some shelves were looking bare.
Most importantly, Smith and Vine at 317 Smith Street is open and offers free delivery.

I cannot tell you how many times I heard people say:"Stay Healthy" and "wash your hands."
Like many of you, I will try to spend the next weeks safely in my house to keep myself and others safe.  Perhaps, in the absence of new stories, I will repost some older ones that are not time sensitive.

I may not be out and about in the neighborhood as usual, but I will be here on my computer. Please feel free to send me tips, to report who stocks food, toilet paper and other useful things in the neighborhood and who is open for business, so that we can go directly there, instead of stopping everywhere and coming in contact with more people than we have to.

Please stay safe, stay connected and stay hopeful.

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chance bliss said...

thanks, katia.

mr. beet was open today and very well stocked with produce, fresh juices, even meals to go.

building on bond is closing restaurant service tonight but they stress that they will continue to offer take-out, including drinks to-go from the bar (evidently they're allowed to do that under these circumstances, as are other venues with liquor / beer / wine licenses).

nerd be cool (the coffee shop on court opposite court street grocers) is open.

i was out a bit earlier so this is how i know.

look out for each other, everyone, help the elderly, be kind and wash your hands.

Katia said...

Great info. Thanks. Would you mind if I post this to the PMFA Facebook page? Or perhaps you can do so? Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Many idiots not practicing social distancing. I’m pleased to see there is food around. I’ve been cleaning our halls. And I made the plumber who fixed my tub use hand sanitizer.

chance bliss said...

to update your list: as of tuesday morning, nerd be cool still open but take-away only.

sol coffee is open for take-away only and they've set up a table at the door so one can’t enter the cafĂ© but they'll serve you from the doorway.

east one is doing take-away only. the restaurant is also open for take-away and delivery and their hours are 8 AM to 5 PM.