Thursday, April 02, 2020

Latex, Latex Everywhere: Gloves And Masks Litter Gowanus And BoCoCa Streets

Photo credit: Rick Weisfeld

Gowanus resident Rick Weisfeld sent us the photo collage of discarded latex gloves and mask a few days ago in an email entitled: "Finding beauty at this time?"
He added:
"I guess these days the least of our problems will be the thousands of used gloves clogging the canal, waterways in general and sewage treatment plants."

Rick's photo of the gloves certainly speaks of our new Coronavirus reality and captures a moment in time during this pandemic. But we were wondering where he had come across all these latex gloves.

Well, it turns out, they are EVERYWHERE!
Today, my husband and I took a walk on Court Street from President Street to Atlantic Avenue and found a grand total of 40 used gloves and two used masks littering the streets of our neighborhood.
What's wrong with people? Isn't the pandemic bad enough? Is this a thing now? We can't discard our (perhaps contaminated) protective gear in a trash cans?

Below are just a few of the ones that we came across.


Caitlin said...

My friend and I were just chatting about this! Our best guess is people are wearing gloves when they get out of their cars and then are ditching them on the sidewalk right before getting back in for fear of bringing the contamination into their space. So, so wrong - but that's the best we could come up with. It's horrible - they are EVERY WHERE!

Jim said...

The more Carroll Gardens changes, the more it seems to stay the same.

Brian said...

Doesn't help that there has not been street cleaning in weeks!

Anonymous said...

Attn. Brian: you are obviously one of the entitled people who has moved into the neighborhood! It is not the cities responsibility to clean up discarded gloves and face masks, just like it is not the cities responsibility to clean up dog shit. It’s the individuals responsibility!

Katia said...

Let us not put down each other‘s comments and opinions.
Of course we should not be littering in the first place, but if Street cleaning has been stopped for the time being, the neighborhood will get dirtier real fast.

Chest Rockwell said...

Outside of medical service centers it's MUCH worse.

There's a place on Degraw b/t 3rd & 4th Aves and the ground in front of their building is COVERED in masks and gloves. There's a lot of the "Ambulnz-"brand ambulances coming in and out and the EMTs just throw them in the street.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned this to a friend of mine in Manhattan, and she said she is not seeing anything like this going on there.