Thursday, May 14, 2020

Damian Hair Styling: Another Old School Carroll Gardens Business Closing On Court Street

All barber shops in New York City have been closed since the beginning of the Corona pandemic lock-down began, so it was not surprising that there was no activity at Damian's old school hair salon/barber shop at 417 A Court Street in Carroll Gardens for the past few weeks.
Sadly, it now seems that Damien won't re-open when restrictions ease.

Reader Steve noticed a new "Shop Available" sign in the window and wrote to us:
"For the longest time, I’ve been going to Damian for my haircuts. I last saw him in March before the coronavirus situation. I haven’t been back since since all hairstylists and barbers were closed. While out jogging, I just ran past the store and it indicated the space was now available.

I hope Damian is OK and was not affected physically by the coronavirus. There’s no indication on the storefront about anything other than it appears the space is now available. All the barber equipment and even the cash register is inside with the usual cash register box open to deter thieves.

I have real affection for him and although I sometimes only understood 25 to 50% of what he said due to his thick Italian accent, we got along wonderfully and he enjoyed talking about his grandchildren and would ask about my kids. As a real old school barber, complete with barber pole outside, I’m saddened

After calling the number taped to the shop window, Steve updated us:
"Damian is fine and he retired, which confirms what the coffee guy down the block told me. Tis a shame but understandable given his age (he was in his 70s) but he is real old school Brooklyn and Carroll Gardens."

We are saddened as well.  Damian apparently worked out of his little barber shop for the past 33 years.
Hopefully another barber will take over, keeping the store just as it is, because it is pretty perfect in our book. And to Damian, we hope you enjoy your retirement.

Below is a moment back in time from 2007, when the store was open.


Anonymous said...

Sad. Let’s hope it stays the same. Like the barber shop on smith near union. Sal the Barber. Carroll Gardens is losing its soul.

Anonymous said...

So sad. This place was a gem and so reasonnable. Does anybody have the contact details of the Russian woman who worked there on Sundays?

Asim said...