Sunday, February 21, 2021

Oysters à la Sewage, Moules Brownfield And Ram It Through Roast: Just A Sampling At Voice Of Gowanus' Café Rezone


Café Rezone, Gowanus' newest trendy outdoor dining option made its debut for lunch today on 4th Avenue near the Old Stone House, serving such delicacies as Oysters à la Sewage, Free Range Flood Risk Du Jour, Ram It Through Roast and Carcinogenic Coal Tar Cake.  The special of the day was Moules Brownfield.  An equally innovative drinks list included the popular Mo' CSO Flow, The Bought Non-Profit, or Sludgie's Soul.

The upper echelon patrons of this very exclusive eatery thanked Chef Hizzoner de Blaz and Sous-Chefs Member Lander and Member Levin for what they were cooking up at the Rezone, and were delighted that the menu did not include a Racial Impact Study and raised their glass to displacement.

A second seating of this special toxic outdoor bistro was provided on Union Street a bit later. Make sure to make your reservation soon before this outdoor pop-up is demolished.

Café Rezone is the newest venture of Voice Of Gowanus, the coalition of community organizations and individual citizens for a healthy and sustainable neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

in a word: BRILLIANT!

Benjamin Shepard said...

I love it

Katia said...

It was quite the event, wasn‘t it?