"Is it not cruel to let our city die by degrees, stripped of all her proud monuments, until there will be nothing left of all her history and beauty to inspire our children? If they are not inspired by the past of our city, where will they find the strength to fight for her future?" Jacqueline Kennedy

Friday, January 18, 2008

New Subway Construction And The Brooklyn Building Boom That Followed

From The New York Times September 1912

New York Times June 1915

TWO SUBWAY BRANCHES OPEN UP NEW ERA OF PROSPERITY FOR BROOKLYN AND QUEENS; A Building Boom Predicted Along the Line of the Fourth Avenue Subway -- Thousands of Acres Awaiting Development -- Steinway Tunnel Taps Heart of Rapidly Growing Manufacturing Centre.

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1910 Subway construction along Brooklyn's Fourth Avenue

From the archives of the San Francisco Examiner

The Caption for the picture above reads:
New York...View of the timber support at Broadway and Fulton Street where the Manhattan Terminus Station of the new subway line to Brooklyn will be located. The tunnel runs under the East River at a depths of 60 feet to connect with the B.M.T. Culver Line and other branches. Work on the project was begun in November 1927 and it is expected the new line will be in operation about November 1931

What a find, don't you think, dear reader, of the picture showing the construction along 4th Avenue back in the early 190o's? And don't you think the article is very, very interesting, especially because these days, 4th Avenue is experiencing another building boom?
I love this sentence:

Brooklyn now has 62,120 one family dwellings whereas Manhattan has but 23,329.

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Anonymous said...

What ever happened to those 2-fam houses that were to be put up (I'm referring to the first picture)? I guess we should be happy we've still got what we have... I applaud your preservationism...

Bygningsentreprise said...

You have great preservationism because you have that photos which is really old enough to present in this kind of blog. :)) Keep up the good work.