Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey, Neighbor! You Know That Carroll Park Is Not a Dog Run, Right?



Dear Neighborhood Dog Owner,
Your dog is terribly cute, but you do know that Carroll Park is not a dog run, right?
Because those " No Dogs Allowed" signs are clearly visible as you enter the park's ball field. I am sure you see them.
There is one right up there in the right hand corner on the chain link fence and more signs are prominently displayed in other areas around the park.

But since you seem to have forgotten, dear dog owner, I just wanted to remind you...again.

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Winston Smith said...

They are probably the same people who park in a handicap spot because there is nobody else around who needs it.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone to enforce that law? Dog owners can get very self-righteous. Yesterday I saw a man on a bike with a bull terrier running beside him that was not on a leash. I asked "that dog isn't scary, is he?" He muttered under his breath "no", clearly annoyed. Afterwards I thought to myself that I should have kept my mouth shut - it can get scary to deal with people who should know better and refuse to think of others.

Katia said...

You are so right. Some of the owners start cursing and threaten you.
There is one woman in particular who walks around the park with two pit bulls.
The dogs are scary, but she is even scarier.

We should all lean on the 78th precinct to enforce the law.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Katia. But people should be careful not to let the owners know they called the 78th precinct so as not to arouse vindictiveness.

Anonymous said...

Like jaywalking in the absence of traffic flow, I fail to see the harm in allowing dogs in these areas in the early/late hours or the dead of winter, i.e., in the absence of people.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 9:43 be it a responsible dog owner. There are other things the 78th can waste their time on, like ticketing themselves for parking in the bus lane infront of Mazzola's or double parking infront of the police station. Let's get all on that one, huh bloggers? I saw some poor old lady almost trip off the curb and then walk into traffic waving the bus that she was waiting behind the police & court police suv's and cars.

Anonymous said...

Geez...I almost got run over by a mother pushing a SUV-sized stroller. Perhaps we should license & limit those strollers only to certain streets?

I'm not sure what the harm that the two dog owners, that you spied upon & desire to be turned into the police, are doing. Pardon Me For Asking, but is the next step to be turning in dog owners who don't curb their dogs? Will you also be turning in people who throw litter on the street, who drink alcohol on their stoops or are involved in other quality of life offenses?

There are certainly dog owners who don't pick up after their dogs, but why should all dog owners be punished for the wrong behavior of a few?

Anonymous said...

Sorry but the dog and stroller issues are a little different, first of all the dogs and their owners seem to think that they are entitled to bring their dogs into the park off a leash. NY does have a leash law and they are abusing it. Unfortunately Carroll Gardens is becoming a community of dogs versus people and children. There is a dog run here in Carroll Gardens but the dog owners only complain about it instead of doing something to make it better. That might be a bit too community minded. Or is it too much of a walk?

Anonymous said...

9:43 and 2:27. Not everyone feels comfortable around dogs. I'm not. Lots of children aren't. If you don't like the No Dogs Allowed signs, then try to get the policies/laws changed. You are poo-poohing (forgive the pun) this issue like it's no big deal for dog owners to disregard the law.When I see dogs in places where they should not be, I stay away - because the self-righteous people who disregard the signs are, to me, capable of anything. They are certainly anti-social. Some people think more of their dogs than of people.

Anonymous said...

Yes, those dogs look quite unruly and seem to be taking up a lot of space while children wait on the sidelines in tears.

Get a Life, will you


Anonymous said...

Not only are these dogs in a place they should not be, they aren't leashed. You may like your pooch, but my husband was bitten by an unleashed dog once. Emergency Room. Shots. And the damn owner did not reimburse. Only recourse my husband had was small claims court. All could have been avoided if that dog had been leashed!
People with dogs should get a life if all they can do is flaunt their self-righteousness at the general public.

Winston Smith said...

"Geez...I almost got run over by a mother pushing a SUV-sized stroller. Perhaps we should license & limit those strollers only to certain streets?" Then that stroller pusher should have said excuse me. Get a life and stop comparing dogs to children.

and a person who "jaywalks in the absence of traffic flow" is not stopping one else from enjoying the street.

But I am sure those selfish dog owners did not leash their dogs when they saw a kid will a ball approaching. They probably assumed the child would want to entertain their dog

impa said...

anon 2:27, i totally agree with you! the newbies are turning cg into a police state! i'm a dog owner(and clean up EVERYTIME!) but to call the iphone police every time you see someone with a dog in the park is ridiculous. the mommies with thier precious darlings in the huge strollers are scarier than the woman with the 2 pitbulls (who is quite nice btw. let's be reasonable, call a cop when you see a real crime!

Anonymous said...

Agreed Anonymous at 9:43 am and 2:27 pm- the rest of you need to lighten up.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Why do you care?!!!

Those look like pretty harmless dogs...

Anonymous said...

this bothers me far less than the lady I once saw who brought her dog into the grocery store of all places, completely ignoring the sign (don't even get me started about the fact you shouldn't even need a sign stating dogs aren't allowed in a store that sells food). It's not your child. It doesn't need constant supervision. Leave the damn dog at home. If I see it on the CHECKOUT COUNTER at the grocery store where my vegetables are going, I will yell at you.

Anonymous said...

Kids in over sized strollers and their self-righteous mothers on cell phones taking up half the sidewalk on Court Street annoy me more than tiny dogs in an empty park . . .

Anonymous said...

Katia...We are in the 76th Precint. The 78th is Park Slope


Anonymous said...

Wow, that picture you provide is really threatening. Look at those law breakers, two guys standing in freezing temperatures in an empty playground with their -- what is that little dog, anyway, a Lhasa Apso ? Call the Gestapo. You people need to get a life.

Katia said...

Wow, I did not realize this topic would generate such a discussion.

I guess its good that we are talking about this.

To those who think its not a big deal, take a look at some photos sent to me by a reader. They were taken in the park today.

Oh, and you are absolutely right. Of course, I meant to say the 76th precinct. Thanks for catching the error, Anon 6.08PM

Anonymous said...

Katia, you're right that some people don't clean up after their dogs in the park. However, those are the same people who don't pick up after their dogs on the street. That's where the real issue is. Those dog owners make the rest of us look bad. As a dog owner and parent, I think it's utterly ridiculous that I can't take my child and dog to the park at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Harmful? Well lets see where those innocent little puppies run pee and poop our children play. Last I checked pee and poop are non bacteria free unless your doggies use purrell which I doubt

Winston Smith said...

Hay Anon January 20, 2010 6:17 PM:

Maybe that playground would not be empty if those dogs were not in it.

Anonymous said...

Daveinbedstuy: Please take your anti-social attitude and go back to Brownstoner where you belong. The dog situation in CG is important, despite your poo-poo attitude towards it. That said, I have a dog, she is never off-leash, and I never take her where she is not allowed...not in the park, not in food establishments, or wherever such signs are posted. I'm a law-abiding person, have lived in CG for decades, and respectful of my neighbors, their property, and public property. I clean up after my dog, and sometimes I even clean up the sidewalk (without having to get too graphic about it). There are too many people who feel entitled to do whatever they wish...they don't curb their dogs (do you know what the word CURB means?), they let them go wherever they want, and we're left to clean up their mess. It's disgusting and unsanitary, especially in a park where CHILDREN PLAY. When you live in a high density city, you're obligated to follow regulations. Otherwise, it's utter selfishness and total disregard for your neighbors and the neighborhood where you live. (Strollers are another issue for another time.)

Winston Smith said...

January 21st Just before Noon there was a selfish dog owner playing fetch with is golden retriever in that same park. He did not see or did not care that there were care givers lined up with strollers waiting to go into the park.

I could not say if he was acting in civil disobedience because he thought the leash law was unjust, acting in retaliation for a being "run down" by a stroller or just being uncaring.

Any way that field is covered in poop.

impa said...

to winston, 'civil disobedience'? you kill me!

Anonymous said...

I agree dog owners cant be lumped into one category but when my stoop becomes their urinal even as Im entering my home you get no sympathy from me. The problem isnt dogs in the park in winter but irresponsible owners feeling no remorse for leaving a landmine in a park. And yes even in winter Carroll Park gets crowded on weekends.

Anonymous said...

wow. i have a dog, and had no idea there was such animosity towards dog owners here in cg. i will certainly look at my neighbors differently now when i am out for a walk. my dog is always on leash, and i always clean up, but i often wish there was a place to let him run around off leash. anon 4:01 says there is a dog run in cg, where is it? the closest one i know of is in brooklyn heights.

Katia said...

Hi All!

I love dogs and am certainly have no animosity towards them.
However, as a volunteer of the Committee to Improve Carroll Park, who has spent hundreds of hours cleaning up in the park, I want to make sure that dog owners understand that there are no dogs allowed in specified areas of the park.

That is all.

For those interested, there is a lovely group of owners and dogs who get together at Carroll Gardens' official dog run at DiMattina Park.
The group even has its own Facebook page.
Here is the link:

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

We own a dog. We walk our dog and we clean up after our dog.

We do NOT walk our dog in Carroll Park and we do NOT let our dog pee or poop IN Carroll Park or around Carroll Park.

Kids play there - all times of the year.
They hide behind the trees - they chase each other around the trees.

Carroll Park is NOT a dog run, nor a Doggie Restroom (even if you are holding onto a leash!)

Dog Poop is better than owners poop brain said...

Dear Raised in Carroll Gardens,

You are a good Dog Owner & a good neighbor, but I think you're still missing part of the point.

City Owned Dog Runs still require the owner to Pick-up thier dog's poop.

So whether Carroll Park is a dog run or not isn't the issue with these pigs who leave crap on the ground for others to clean or step in - the point is even IF they took their dog to a run they'd still NOT pick-up after their pets.

These people who do NOT pick-up after thier dogs in Carroll Park are the same people who don't pick-up after thier dogs when they crap on the sidewalk in front of your house or by your car door.

People (we) should speak up whenever this happens nomatter where we see it, NOT just when it happens in front of thier own house.

And yes,we should have a WALKING Beat cop or 2 not these kids playing cops who drive around all day while on thier cell phones. It's called patrol NOT Phone Home!

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

Curb Your Dog Means...

Exactly that - Curb Your Dog!

It means, by law, that you are required to make certain that your dog eliminates its waste (solid or liquid) along the curb - specifically the gutter.

The gutter where the rain water washes away the waste and/or where the street cleaners (when they show-up) clean them.

Many younger/newer dog owners aren't aware that this is a law. However, common sense would dictate that you don't let your dog poop or pee in front of someone's house or stoop.

Keep in mind that in Brooklyn, a city of trees, people don't mind (and are used to) dogs lifting a leg at a tree or Fire Hydrant or lamp-post. - - - All of which are found along the curb.

But curb your dog means that you walk with your dog along the curb side of the street and you allow them to piddle or poop in an available gutter - - that's been the rule for over 75 years.

Pooper Scooper Laws came after but do NOT replace the curb your dog rules. You are supposed to curb your dog AND then also clean it up.

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

Today (1/26/10) there was the same Grey Great Dane OFF leash in the park - just like it is every morning!

This is the same dog & the same owner who was caught in those pictures the other day allowing her dog to poop in the rock garden. (and not cleaning up after it)

This is the same dog who charged after a rodent and almost knocked over a kid going to school.

Carroll Park is NOT a Dog Run and in some areas dogs are not even allowed WITH a leash!

I own a dog and but I don"t break the law, why should these people?