Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All Traces Of Sal, Former Barber Of Smith Street, Erased

Sal's barbershop, back in April 2010


The storefront shortly after Sal, The Barber, passed away in April

And NOW:



Another sign that time does not stand still.
In April, Giorgio Zocco, a.k.a. "Sal, The Barber," who gave generations of Carroll Gardeners haircuts in his Smith Street barbershop, passed away unexpectedly.
Since then, the old fashioned store with the huge tropical photo mural, wonderful old red and white sign and the red awning has been closed.
Sadly, all these familiar details have been stripped from the storefront recently. All traces of Sal's decades at 299 Smith Street have now been erased forever.
This location will probably soon be just another overpriced restaurant or bar.

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g said...

From what I've heard from neighbors, another barber will be taking over the space. He had met and spoke with Sal in the past and they discussed him taking over the space 'when it was available'. And I thought they said that he was going to maintain the look of the space. we shall see.

Batman said...

And as with everything else, time moves forward. There are now barbers where there were none before(Columbia and Union and Donnne) also. Sal's landlord I'm sure will find someone willing to pay market rent.

And guess what? If all the barbers go away, there will be great demand and a new barber will open. That's economics and that's life.