Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is CVS ON Court Street Selling Expired Medication?


I recently received a rather disturbing email from a reader, who made me aware of the fact that the CVS Store at 395 Court Street may be selling outdated medication. If that is the case, it is unacceptable and certainly needs to be investigated.
Here is the reader's email:

Hi Katia,
I'm new to the neighborhood and really love it. Your blog has helped
me learn more about the area and I really appreciate the work you are
I was wondering if you could help me voice a complaint that I have
regarding the CVS on Court. I'm guessing that there are plenty of
people with complaints about the store and I prefer to take my
business to Clinton Apothecary. Unfortunately I had to go to CVS for
something after C.A. was closed and noticed that the hydrocortisone
cream that I bought had expired in 2009 (it also cost 3 times what
C.A. charges!). When I went to return the item I noticed that all but
one of the products had an expiration date of 2009. I looked around
at other products and saw expiration dates on several items. I
notified the people at the pharmacy counter who were not helpful and
the store was a bit chaotic because no one was there and the lines
were backed up due to the new self check-out system that they had just
put in. When I got home I did a little research and saw that in 2008
several chain drug stores, including CVS, had been investigated for
selling expired medications. I have not been able to get through to
anyone at CVS to complain so I'd like to at least get word out to
those that do shop there to check their products before they buy them
or just take your business to a non-chain pharmacy where you will get
better service and better products. I know I will!

I couldn't agree with the reader more. (Does anyone remember the wonderful ladies at Renaissance Pharmacy?)

CVS, like other drugstore chains, has pushed out smaller pharmacies like Renaissance.
The service these big stores provide is mediocre at best. Let us hope that they will take customer concerns seriously and check their shelves on a regular basis so that no outdated medicines get sold.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Please let me know by emailing me directly at
pardonmeinbrooklyn at gmail dot com or leave a comment below.



Anonymous said...

I was a customer of Renaissance Pharmacy until it closed and only took my business to CVS because my prescriptions were transferred there. Earlier this year, I attempted to transfer a prescription from a Manhattan-based pharmacy to CVS via the CVS website (a very straightforward process) and received a confirmation of the transaction. When I went to pick it up at the appointed time, the CVS pharmacy department had no record of it ever having been entered and processed. I even showed them the confirmation to no avail; there wasn't a trace of the transaction anywhere, and the staff that evening was indifferent. Needless to say, I was very upset as this was a medication where a dosage cannot be skipped. I still had a few pills left, but that was not the point. I called CVS to file a complaint, but they had no explanation of the failure, never followed up and completely dropped the ball. I never went back and now have my prescriptions filled at RiteAid (only because I know the pharmacist personally). Beware of CVS's online refill and Rx transfer program (their fax orders don't work either). I do miss Renaissance.

Anonymous said...

I used to patronize Carroll Court Pharmacy, which was pushed out when Rite Aid moved on on Smith and President :( I moved our family prescriptions to Clinton Apothecary, and avoid the chains altogether. The folks at CA are always friendly, knowledgable, and eager to offer a conference when picking up medicines, even on refills. They know their business, and their customers very well. Their OTC prices are generally marked down, and seasonal items like garden supplies, and holiday cards are a fun bargain!! The best service is still with the independent businesses in our neighborhood. Patronize them, or we will lose them to the uncaring, greedy chains.

Anonymous said...

The CVS in Carroll Gardens is the absolute worst. I have had several instances where the staff have been flat out rude and to be quite honest totally uneducated. Where do they find these classless people? If I got into a pharmacy and ask a worker where the Ben Gay is he/ she should know what the product is!! They are always out of stock and the lines are out the door and the place is simply ghetto. Shame on CVS for allowing this to happen...most of their stores that I have frequented outside of CG are nowhere near as disgusting and poorly managed as this place.

Anonymous said...

I miss Carroll Court.

Monique said...

The CVS store has issues. No question. However, the pharmacy staff has been very helpful, and has gone above and beyond on several occasions by following up with my doctor's office. Also have great things to say about the RiteAid. Mom and Pops have their place and I support many of them in the neighborhood, but look at what's happened to Wynn. Terrible since they "remodeled". I shop at the chains for drugstore things now because Wynn has become awful. Too bad, cause used to be one of my favorite places. Was in all three stores today, so this is a fresh report.

Bev. D said...

CVS-DAH- Its not at all, compared to Renaissance or the Carrol Court Pharmacy with Gerard- there was warmth, smiles, true to honesty in serving their customers needs.
Here at CVS-its become cold,sloppy and the prices have scaled incredibly. Since, the new self-service ckouts- were hoppin for two days or so-than wow- no one is using these machines- Help,just sits biting their nails, when there is a long line by Photo center with the two registers, no store help comes to suggest- using the self service machines- so, they continue sleeping with no action. Since, the new refrigeraters,prices are increasing, workers are laid back- aisles are sloppy, the entrance carpeting is messy-wrappers, etc scattered wherever you walk.
So- WHAT WE NEED IS A FOOD STORE- NOT A AUTOMATED PHARMACY- that doesnt even fill your presciption - without shorting your order by few pills- that add up ## shorts your order-over charges your bill.