Friday, July 09, 2010

A Memorial To "Andy The Barber And Anna, His Queen Of Court Street"





Could it possibly be that I walked up and down Court Street over the last couple of months and failed to notice the plaque attached to the brick fa├žade of number 225 Court Street, commemorating the life of Italian immigrants and the previous owners of the house, "Andy the Barber" and his "Queen of Court Street"?

I finally noticed it and stopped to read the dedication, which is just lovely. Andrew and Anna Pitti bought # 225 on November 1, 1959. It was " renovated structurally and emotionally with love, respect, joy and friendship."

My friend Rita was standing by my side, reading the plaque as well. Rita, who was born and raised in the neighborhood, immediately remembered Andy and Anna. She confirmed that, indeed, they were a wonderful couple. She remembers that one of their daughters owned a hardware store across the street. (It is now a laundromat/dry cleaner.)

If anyone else knew them and can tell us a bit more of Andy and Anna's life, it would be greatly appreciated.

(And to my children, a-not-so subtle hint: a plaque like this on our house after your father and I are gone would be very nice.)


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