Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's A Barber Shop And Shoe Repair Place For Newly Re-Constructed 178 Smith Street

The little yellow house at 178 Smith Street before the fire






Before the yellow aluminum-clad house at 178 Smith Street was destroyed in a fire back in November 2009, the two retail spaces on the ground floor were occupied by a hair salon and a shoe repair shop. When the new building was completed this spring, many wondered if the retail tenants would be back. It seemed unlikely at first, since the owner tried to rent out the spaces back in the fall of last year.
However, just in the last few weeks, a barber shop opened in one of the smaller of the new stores. It's appropriately named " Smith Barber Shop." And just a few days ago, signs have been posted in the larger space. A shoe and watch repair store is coming there soon.
Not sure if this is the same shoe repair store that was there before the fire, but these two businesses are certainly a great addition to Smith Street which has become totally over-saturated with restaurants and bars over the last decade.

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Anonymous said...

NICE to see a barber shop for normal neighbors as oppossed to the place that took over the barber shop up the block by Union on Smith. That hipster barbershop.

Katia said...

Cheaper, too.

Anonymous said...

But with the trend in full beards...I mean, I'm gonna open up TV tube shop.