Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Uncle Louie G's Opening At New Smith Street Spot





Above, the new Louie G's ice cream parlor at 233 Smith Street

The Louie G's at 101 Smith Street is closed.

A new Uncle Louie G's is opening at 233 Smith Street, taking over a space occupied until recently by an Area children's boutiques in Boerum Hill. The new owner wrote a message on Brooklynian explaining that the Louie G's at 101 Smith Street closer to Atlanic Avenue has been relocated.
The owner posted:

y wife and I are the new owners of "Uncle Louie G" on 233 Smith Street in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. We are now located between Butler street and Douglass Street (this is the former "Area Kids" store space).The former store at 101 Smith street has relocated.We are planning our grand opening in Spring 2011 with our gourmet Italian ices and ice cream that you all know and love. Starting this year, Uncle Louie G will also start serving Soft Serve Ice Cream to compliment our wide array of Italian ices and ice cream flavors.We are really looking forward to serving the Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill and Carroll Gardens community. Stay tuned for our Grand Opening Ice Cream Party and join our store Facebook fan page for upcoming details - don't miss out!
Please come and see us when we open and "Feel like a Kid Again"! Search Facebook:Uncle Louie G - Cobble Hill, Brooklyn
Check out the company's newly designed web site here:

Sounds great, except for the fact that the new store is located in Boerum Hill not Cobble Hill. He may want to change that Facebook Page.



Anonymous said...

Butler & Douglass on Smith...quite a fuzzy neighborhood boundary, but it still has the Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens vibe. I've always considered Boerum Hill proper from Smith/Bergen Street to the north and east. The actual boundary maps may differ somewhat, but after a lifetime in CG and environs, that's my view for whatever it's worth.

Anonymous said...

Def Cobble Hill

Katia said...

Just exchanged a few emails with a local expert on all things Cobble Hill. Asked him what the bounderies of Cobble Hill were and he answered:
"The Cobble Hill Association and the NYC Landmarks Commission define Cobble Hill as follows: north - Atlantic Ave., east - Court St (west side), south - DeGrew St (only the north side), west - Hicks St (east side only)"

Which means that the Cobble Hill Association would not
view this location as being in their neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...according to wikipedia it IS in fact Cobble Hill...not that it is always right..but is that really what is most important...?

From Wiki...

Cobble Hill is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, USA. Bordered by Atlantic Avenue on the north, Hicks Street to the west, Smith Street on the east and Degraw Street to the south, Cobble Hill sits adjacent to Boerum Hill and Brooklyn Heights with Carroll Gardens to the south. The Cobble Hill Historic District covers the majority of the neighborhood but only extends east to Court Street, not Smith.[1] The neighborhood is part of Brooklyn Community Board 6.[2]

They say they look forward to serving Cobble Hill, Boreum Hill and Carrol Gardens...so they can be forgiven, no? I say leave the fb page and bring on the ices...;)

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed Area Kids closed, I'll just have to go to the court street location. But this new Uncle Louie G is closer to me than the old location, happy about that!

Anonymous said...

Yea...I don't think they made claims to the "historic district of Cobble Hill"...which ends at Court Street according to LPC, so I think there is a distinction without a difference...or something like that.
Cobble Hill it is, I say.

I lived in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill for years, but not in the historic districts...just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what is going on with the old Porchetta space on Smith & Douglass? I am very interested in connecting with whoever owns this space but cannot seem to find out much info. I know it has been closed for quite some time. I have a great concept that I am looking to open in the nabe and this is my ideal location.

If anyone has info I can be reached at michaelowens (at) gmail (dot) com.