Thursday, February 10, 2011

Remember this? A Glimpse At The Soon-To-Reopen 2nd Place F Train Subway Exit

Photo by Andy
photo by Reader A.

Now this is a sight that we haven't seen for a while. This is the staircase of the 2nd Place F train exit as seen from inside the Carroll Street station. The photo was taken by a reader who took it through a hole in the plywood that was covering the entrance.

The F train subway plaza and the staircase leading to the station at Second Place were blocked off in
September 2009 when construction of the new building at 360 Smith Street started. Since then, riders have been forced to use the smaller, narrower entrance at the corner of Second Street.
Andrew Inglesby of the MTA NY City Transit announced that this particular entrance will reopen at the end of February.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh.. The roll-down gate is clearly visible. Katia, brud=sh off those detective skills, and see if you can
scare up some details about its use.