Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Bicycle This Way »»»»»»» To Prospect Park



The sign pointing bicyclists to Prospect Park must have made its appearance on a light post at the intersection of the bike lanes at Smith and Union Streets very recently. I don't remember seeing it there before. Do you?
Of course, since the B 71 bus route was cut last year, a bicycle is the fastest way of getting to the park and to the Brooklyn Museum.



Anonymous said...

It's been there for awhile. Amazed there is a BIKE on the sign and not just an arrow seeing how much the city is fighting all the bike lanes.

Casandra said...

Yeah, right, like my 86 year old mother (and countless other oldtimers) will don a hemlet & bike over to the botanic garden/park from carroll gardens! Bring back the B71!!

Anonymous said...

Most of the "old timers" are Republicans who happen to support less "government spending", so there you are! Less spending, less service!