Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Newest Boutique On Court Street: 'Mona-Lea'





A small women's clothing store is settling into the tiny space occupied until very recently by Serimony at 421 Court Street, between 2nd and 3rd Place. A sign on the door indicates it's name will be 'Mona-Lea Botique.'
Misspelling the word 'boutique' on one's store sign isn't the best beginning, but lets hope they catch the mistake before they order a new awning for the store.

Update: The word 'boutique' is spelled correctly on the store's new awning. See below.



Anonymous said...

Haha. I think that BOtique is intentional. Like MOnique or the furniture store called BO Concept. Maybe. There may be another Mona-Lea Boutique out there so maybe they had to loose the U. The place that made the sign probably already pointed out the spelling and the owners OKd it. Probably just a MO Betta' way of being diff'rent.

Katia said...

One can only hope. Maybe BOtique is supposed to rime with MO-na.
I guess we'll find out once they are open.

Anonymous said...

The BOtique person did make a mistake. And a real sign was already made. The owner seemed a bit freaked out but nice.