Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More News From The Auvergne


No heat wave here in the Auvergne, dear friends. It has been raining off and on for the last ten days, with the sun only coming out occasionally. The temperature hovers around 70 degrees during the day, and at night, it dips to about 45 degrees.
This morning, we were finally hopeful that it would clear up since there were patches of blue in the sky. However, my husband just pocked his nose out, came back right away and said: " I hear thunder."
We did manage to walk down to the bakery this morning to get our daily bread.
Apart from the weather, we are having a good time. We have started making a list of all the chores that we need to take care of this summer. First on the list is to finish painting the hallway and to sand the staircase, as well as to paint a few windows.
But first, I think I will take a little break to cut a slice of fresh bread and load it up with abricot jam made by one of our neighbors.


Anonymous said...

You just had to throw in homemade apricot jam, didn't you? ;)

Katia said...

It's soooo good with the great bread from our baker.