Sunday, July 24, 2011

Les Halles In Lyon: A Foodie's Paradise


Sorry about the many mentions of food and markets since I have been in France, but, how can I not, I ask you? This is a foodie's paradise, after all. Everywhere you turn in this country, you are reminded that the French have perfected the culinary arts and that they are serious about their breads, cheeses, pastries, wines, and well, every other food as well.
While in Lyon, the food capital of France, we stopped at Paul Bocuse's temple of food, "Les Halles", which unites 58 food purveyors in one place. Oh, my, dear Readers! Just look at all the delicacies above and you will get a sense of the gastronomic temptations one is exposed to under one roof. How can anyone resist, I ask you?

In case you are ever in Lyon, here is the address:
Les Halles de Lyon
102, cours Lafayette
69003 Lyon


Laura said...

I think I might swoon. What did you buy there?

seagarden295 said...

You are so right, dear Katia, it looks sumptuous and I think, Les Halles would succeed too in Brooklyn, non? I was looking at your photos while enjoying some San Andres cheese from Stinky Brooklyn - they haven't had it for a couple of months, so it was really delicious, and some nice Spanish rose (a little sweet but not too gassy!)But, on the other hand, the only reason I was eating it was that the temperature has dropped from 104 on Saturday to 69 right now, and I'm suddenly hungry!

Would Les Halles have looked so sumptuous if it had been 104?

Enjoy the rest of your lovely vacation, Mary

Katia said...

Unfortunately, we had just come from lunch and were just passing through, so couldn't purchase anything, but I was tempted, believe me.

Hi Mary,
Wine and cheese is good any time, when it is 104 degrees, I think.
Here it is 70 degrees during the day, down to 45 degrees at night. But I don't mind.