Friday, July 22, 2011

A Tiny Glimpse Of Sting In Lyon

A (blurry) view of the ancient Roman Theatre in Lyon last night
A little glimpse of Sting as he performed at the Roman Theatre last night.
Those without tickets, trying to listen to the concert

I found out too late that Sting was performing in Lyon last night when I was here as well. By the time I realized, the concert was sold out. (Honestly, even if they had been available, I wouldn't have been able to afford them.)
The concert took place outdoors in the old Roman theatre in the old part of town. The setting must have been spectacular for those lucky enough to hold tickets. For everyone else, a spot along the street above the theatre offered a small glimpse of the singer and some pretty great acoustics. I stayed long enough to hear him perform 6 or 7 songs. Pretty fantastic.
And just in case you were wondering. No, I did not climb that fence, but I was tempted.

Lou Reed and Brian Ferry will be performing at the same theatre next week-end. Tickets are still available for the Ferry concert, in case you just happen to be in Lyon then.

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