Wednesday, May 02, 2012

16 Handles Now Open On Court Street

The 16 Handle Frozen Yogurt store on 349 Court Street opened over the week-end, and, as many had predicted,  the place already seems to be a favorite in the neighborhood.  Shortly after 3pm yesterday, just after school had let out, a steady flow of customers stopping by for a frozen treat.
16 Handles is hard to resist. What's not to like?  The yogurt flavors include Pomegranate Tart, Thin Mint Cookie,  NY Cheesecake and Go Banana to name just a few. Choose from non-fat, non-dairy and no sugar added.   Then step to the topping bar...
This is the kind of place you dreamed of as a kid.  Sure enough, the little ones seemed mesmerized by all the sweet possibilities.  So did some of the adults.

An update on 16 Handles storefront sign:
For those of you who felt that the original sign was way too bright for our brownstone neighborhood, rest assured.  As reported earlier, the company agreed and took it down immediately.  A temporary one has been hung, but a new, more muted sign will go up very shortly.  Pictures to follow.


Anonymous said...

That is NOT the sign they proposed. That guy lied.
It looks horrible. I'll never ever go there.

Katia said...

As I mentioned in the post, the sign that is currently up is only a temporary sign.
The new sign will be installed very shortly.

Anonymous said...

This place is a great idea, but expensive! They charge by weight and their cups are large... I ended up paying $12 for 2 yogurts and they weren't even totally filled. I'll be sticking to the Italian ices at Monteleone's.

Trumbull Bully said...

Anonymous has never left CG. These type of make-your-own/charge-by-weigh froyo joints are everywhere in Manhattan and beyond.

I have a simple solution for you:

1) Get a smaller cup. You will be less disappointed in the end when you have an overflowing kiddie cup.

2) Eat least froyo. Less weight = more coin in your pocket.

3) Go to 16 Handles in outer space. Zero gravity = free froyo. Win-win.

Anonymous said...

@Trumbull - Yes, clearly I don't get out enough. I wish they had smaller or kid sized cups, but larger cups are obviously smarter for them because most will fill them up and pay more. In the end I'd prefer to support a local business anyway. It's why I live in Brooklyn and not Manhattan (or beyond).