Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pranga Bookstore On Court Street Saying Farewell


Sad news! Pranga Bookstore at 354 Court Street, is closing. When the store was selling books for $1.00 last week, some of you readers saw the handwriting on the wall.  Yesterday, Pranga was giving the rest away for free and a big "For Rent" sign from Brownstone Realty has been attached to the fence.
Pranga bought and sold new as well as used books, CDs and DVDs and was a great resource for overstock and discount items.  The store's website only states: "Pranga Bookstore is closing soon. "
This place will be missed.

I believe that this was a nail place before Pranga moved in.


Michael R. said...

This is too bad - Pranga was great and Mehmet, the owner, is one of the nicest guys on Court St. It's too bad that people are too busy with smartphones and laptops to realize what they didn't stop to appreciate. Now it's gone. Get off your laptops, dummies. Life is outside of your gilded cages. Mill about, socialize - and don't let another bookstore close, because you're complicit in the shelling of your neighborhood when you don't support the things that go to make up a neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

A terrible shame. It was such a great resource for used books and I would browse there and buy what I could, but I was often the only person in there. I wish it had been more embraced by the neighborhood as BookCourt had been.