Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: From Worse To Even Worse In Gowanus


Carroll St looking west from between 3rd and Nevins at around 9:15 PM

Reader Rick Weisfeld just sent the photo above. He writes:
"The water is up between Nevins and 3rd on Sacket, Union, Carroll at least. Closer to Nevins
Union St bridge arches up out of it because it is elevated. Carroll st Bridge looked maybe under."

And here is one taken by friend Cynthia S. showing Bond Street near President Street.
More photos below of the Gowanus area during Hurricane Sandy. These were taken on Bond Street after the 8 PM high tide by my friend Jeff Peltz. He reports that "the water down the street was a few feet deep, and very toxic. It smelled like oil and sewerage."
Very scary.

I am very worried about all my Gowanus friends. Some have reported that their electricity is now off.
If you read this, please send me a quick email or leave a comment so that I know you are all right.

Corner of Carroll Street and Bond Street
Corner of First Street and Bond Street


Lisanne said...

Still have power on Bond Street but have everything turned off. Sitting listening to whats going on in the city on WNYC..hoping this is the worst of it. I saw something large floating down Bond Street out my window..needless to say it doesnt smell toi good down here.

Katia said...

So glad to hear from you, Lisanne. I was worried about you, especially when I saw that the water had reached Bond Street.
What a nightmare.
They are saying that the flood water is receding. Let's hope that's the case.
Stay safe, Katia

Anonymous said...

Rumor has that the explosion heard and the smell of burning rubber and wire was at about 11:3opm forklift and popane tank.

Anonymous said...

Kensington Brooklyn is doing ok. Although it is too early in the morning to explore much more than I can see from my front porch, I think I can rightly say we were very lucky. Kathleen

Margaret said...

Thanks for posting all these great photos. On Nevins and Sackett there was so much flooding. A huge, heavy garbage dumpster was floating in the Conklin Brass parking lot. Nevins was flooded as high as the hood of a car. Our huge loft bldg. has no electric power - basement is still completely and fully flooded. So relieved that the storm is for the most part over.