Thursday, March 06, 2014

What's Going With "Smith And Butler", The Motorcycle/ Hipster Clothing Boutique On Smith Street?

Smith and Butler at 249 Smith Street, has been part of the neighborhood since 2008.  Now it would appear that it has closed.   The boutique offered "classic, local, and vintage goods for him and her" and featured vintage motorcycles at the same time.
At the beginning of this year, the store held a huge winter sale. Shortly afterwards, the store's door closed, the sign that hung on the façade was removed, blue tarps were hung over the storefront and construction work began inside the space. This seemed consistent with reports that the boutique was getting a makeover.

However, no mention has been made of a temporary closing on Smith And Butler's web site nor on its Facebook page.
Does anyone know what is going on? Is the boutique coming back or is it gone from Smith Street forever?

A few years back, this was the home of SUR, an Argentinian restaurant/bar/ nightclub. Sur first got its start across the street at 232 Smith Street. Back then, it was a very popular steak house that helped usher in the renaissance of Smith Street back in the late 1990s. When the one story building that originally housed the eatery was demolished, it relocated to # 249 Smith Street. It was never quite the same and died a slow death at this location.

Just posted an update on Smith and Butler here:
'Smith And Butler' Boutique Will Be Replaced by Bologna-Based WP Lavori Clothing Store


Anonymous said...

The store was having a going-out-of-business sale a couple of weekends ago. When I went in, it was down to a few items of clothing and the store fittings.

Anonymous said...

The original Sur was terrific. Back then, it was Patois or Sur if you wanted a nice meal on Smith Street.

Anonymous said...

I live on that block and walk my dog past there 2 or 3 times a day. I know that they have poured a new concrete floor and installed new air conditioning duct work. As of last night the interior got a white paint job. Some of the clothing store fixtures are stored in the loft space in the back of the store. No one is talking or saying anything when I've asked what's going on with the space.

Before this was SUR I think there was a creepy pharmacy that never seemed to be open in this space.

Andrew Peerless said...

i was in there for the liquidation sale, and the employees told me they were renovating but also launching a new concept... so it'll still be the same owners, but i'm unclear what the new concept is.

Anonymous said...

I bought a few things on sale before the closed. The owner said they are renovating and re-opening late spring.

Alexuma said...

The first 3 to start the restaurant wave were Sur, Patois and Uncle Pho's. I miss Uncle Pho's. Really yummy food and a great vibe. It was the same owner as Red Rail and Patois I think?

Katia said...

Yes it was. I agree, Uncle Pho's was a really nice place. One of the first Thai places in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Uncle pho was fake Asian. Horrible Food but nice bar. Run by Alan Harding of Patois. The fake French place. He now runs little neck. The fake Maine fish place.
Smith and butler was very very expensive. It will be interesting to see what she does now. The space is beautiful and rustic. Tbd.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. It wasn't supposed to be Thai I t was supposed to be Vietnamese but failed nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

still dont know how they renovate an entire space with no permits posted anywhere on the building?

Katia said...

You are right. No permits in sight.