Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Residential Burglaries Slightly Up In The 76th Police Precinct

The 76th Police Precinct sent out a community notice yesterday to alert the community about a recent increase in residential burglaries in the area.  Apparently, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens are easy targets for burglars (and for tire thieves).

From the local precinct:

The 76th Precinct would like to make you aware that there has been a slight increase in Residential Burglaries recently. However, the good news is that during two separate incidents last week, two perpetrators were arrested for Burglary. One of the perpetrators revealed that he felt that Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill were easy targets, because many residents are known to leave their doors unlocked. 

This bold statement made by a criminal should serve as a reminder to everyone that you must, at the very least, take basic precautions to protect your home and your property by keeping your doors and accessible windows locked.

We recommend that you take advantage of our free Crime Prevention Programs in an effort to prevent becoming a victim. Our Crime Prevention Officer can arrange a home Security Survey with you. This is a physical walk through of your house, or apartment to look for weaknesses and to make security recommendations. Many other programs are available, free of charge, such as; bicycle and electronics registration, VIN Etching for your vehicle and many other programs to help protect you against crime. You can contact the 76th Precinct Crime Prevention Officer, P.O. Bredy, directly at (718) 834-3203, to set up an appointment or to learn about a program that might be right for you.

Please remember to call 911 immediately if you see a person acting in a suspicious manner and suspect that they may be intending to commit a crime. You may save yourself, or someone else from becoming the victim.

Thank you and stay safe!

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