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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Since 2014, Alsatian Brasserie La Cigogne Has Been A Favorite Spot In Carroll Gardens

Back in 2014, Damien Frey and Jeremy Andre opened La Cigogne in Carroll Gardens and introduced the neighborhood to the simple, yet delicious foods of the Alsace region of France.
Since then,  La Cigogne has became a favorite in the neighborhood for its casual ambience, reasonably priced menu, interesting cocktails and great draft beer selection, which includes Meteor , from a family-owned brewery near Strasbourg, which has been in operation since 1640.

Recently, Frey and Andre have updated and expanded their brasserie's menu. But fear not, their Alsatian specialties like Tartes Flambées, Spätzle and regional charcuterie and cheese platters are still well represented. Many of the ingredients used are sourced from local food purveyors like Stinky, Los Paisanos, and Mazzola Bakery.  The menu also includes such french classics as onion soup, escargots,  moules frites and steak tartare.

On a recent visit, we had the tuna tartare appetizer, the traditional tarte flambée with crème, lardons and onions, as well as the cheese board.  Everything was delicious, especially accompanied by a glass of  Côtes Du Rhône. 

If you have somehow not tried this friendly, easy going neighborhood spot yet, you really should venture in, take a seat by the fireplace and enjoy! 

213-215 Union Street
Between Henry and Clinton Street
Carroll Gardens


Dave S said...

Love this spot. And the owners are super friendly and accomodating

Anonymous said...

Didn’t they open some other place ? The place looks dirty from the outside.

chance félicité said...

a wonderful comfort food spot, and that damien, always the charming host!

if you say a few nice words about strasbourg, perhaps mention one of the city's favourite sons (arsène wenger, for example, or the illustrator tomi ungerer), then he might even put a little bit of extra cheese in your onion soup. no guarantees.

now, if only jeremy had better taste in cars, but who's complaining?

Timothy Reed said...

Awesome spot for brunch, dinner, or a drink. Owners and staff are super. They show classic films on the tv when World Cup isn’t on. Great place.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, when you patronize and write about a business in the neighborhood, do you pay full price or are you being somewhat or completely comped? Fine either way, just seems like information that should be shared.

Katia said...

That's a fair question, Anonymous. No, I do not get paid for writing posts about neighborhood businesses, nor do I accept free merchandise or meals. PMFA has always been free and a labor of love. I like highlighting local stores and eateries and introducing the owners to the community, so that we can support them.

Anonymous said...

such.... slow.... service...