Saturday, March 20, 2021

Voice Of Gowanus' Exclusive Café Rezoné Celebrates New Spring Menu And Location This Sunday. Don't Miss It!

This Sunday, Voice of Gowanus with Gowanus Artists in Alliance (GAIA) is re-opening its satirical pop-up Café Rezoné with a brand new menu at a new location. The event is an opportunity for the community to laugh, but also to learn about the absurdity of New York City's plan to build affordable housing near an EPA Superfund site that the City still uses as an open sewer, in a flood zone. Let's join forces to tell the City and Councilmembers Brad Lander and Stephen Levin that the massive rezone they are proposing is all wrong for Gowanus.

Café Rezoné Celebrates New Spring Location - See What Chef De Blaz Is Cooking Up For Gowanus!
Sunday, March 21st – 11:30 am, then again at 12:15 pm – both at Carroll Park
Location: Smith Street at Carroll Street across from 335 Smith Street

Ready to spring forward into a gloriously gentrified, positively Williamsburg’d Gowanus? Not getting enough toxic waste or tax credits in your diet? Join us Sunday, March 21st at the Café Rezoné, a special spring equinox outdoor pop-up highlighting the menu of delights to come if the Gowanus rezoning gets approved.

Stop by to pick up the full menu and see what’s being served up in the rezone by Chef De Blasio and Sous Chefs Lander and Levin!

You’ll find only the most exclusive, rarified diners sitting at red-checked tables. Come taste something foully enchanting before the place gets demolished.

Three-eyed fish with denied public access demi-glace
Free range Flood Risk from FEMA farms *We use only Zone A for maximum flooding**Soup du sewer: Speculator Stew (deals, eels, and possibly you)
Raw greed *flown in daily from Westchester*
Nothing for NYCHA Nachos (with side of shredded neglect)
Raw sewage salad, with black mayonnaise *House specialty*
Char-grilled lobbying dollars with a manufacturing reduction
Pan-seared Public Place Toxins
Fricassee of Luxury Unit drizzled with CSO sauce
Racial displacement a la Gowanus
Twenty-Two Story Towers Tostada (with munchy MIH marzipan medley)

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