Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Congresswoman Velázquez To Hold FEMA Flood Insurance Meeting In Red Hook

Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez, in cooperation with several other elected officials, is hosting a FEMA Flood Insurance Meeting in Red Hook.
According to the Congresswoman's office:
"It’s time for another flood insurance meeting: March 31, 2015 – which begins a 90-day public comment period on new maps where many more people will be required to get flood insurance. (FEMA is sending out 400,000 letters to NYC property owners mapped in or near the special flood hazard areas next week.) Anticipating a lot of questions, the Congresswoman is hosting a public community meeting in Red Hook (accessible to Gowanus and open to all) with FEMA and the City officials."

Since this information is of equal importance to residents in Gowanus, please circulate the flyer and mark your calendar.

Perhaps, as one of my neighborhood friends suggested, Gowanus residents should request their very own meeting?  Just a suggestion.

If you would like to check if your home is in a FEMA Flood zone, click here to enter your address:
What Is My BFE? Address Lookup Tool | FEMA Region II


Anonymous said...

Katia - do you know what happened on Domino's on Smith last night? Police tape everywhere and a huge pool of blood inside/on the walls.

Katia said...

Sorry, no. I have not heard anything. That sounds pretty terrifying.

Anonymous said...

There was a stabbing inside the Domino's. the Daily News reported on it. Sounds like it was kids from the high school. He will survive but there was a lot of blood from the pics.

Anonymous said...

Red Hook was devastated by Sandy and their needs are different than Gowanus and Red Hook residents should be able to take full advantage of this time with public officials.

Some of the electeds don't even represent Red Hook but do represent Gowanus. And if I were a recipient of the FEMA letter and were fortunate enough to be in Steve Levin's district I would be contacting him.

Personally, I would like information on how to challenge the proposed map changes as they could have a negative impact on property values, complicate people's ability to refinance, create a financial hardship for property owners who may now need to carry flood insurance, etc.

Anonymous said...

This is a NYC Website for flood insurance information:
At the meeting, we'll get information on the comment period for the new Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS). The Miccio Center is close enough to Gowanus that it shouldn't be an issue for anyone. If you do happen to be in a new flood zone, it's best to get several quotes on NFIP coverage and learn about it. As a resident of Red Hook, we'd look forward to being in solidarity with our neighbors who are also in the flood plain --Gowanus, Columbia Waterfront District -- we'll all be beneficiaries of the proposed flood gate at the mouth of the Gowanus as well as the Integrated Flood Protection System slated for...our flood plain community: Red Anus District?

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for Katia, I wouldn't even know about this meeting. Let's hope the politicians and officials are punctual and don't spend a lot of time patting themselves and each other on the back and introducing the city and FEMA officials. If there is going to only be one meeting then property owners need to be given ample time to have their questions addressed.